Keto Chow 2.1 Flavor: Cookies & Cream

//Keto Chow 2.1 Flavor: Cookies & Cream
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Keto Chow Cookies & Cream
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by Beverly on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream

It can't get any better than 2.1 Cookies and Cream. I have to say Chocolate is my favorite but this one is so close that it might possibly be a tie. This flavor is rich and satisfying, even better than previous versions of the same flavor.

by Clinton on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream
My favorite flavor

I have tried 8 different flavors of Keto Chow and Cookies and Cream is my favorite flavor. One scoop powder, whipping cream, avocado oil and fill the blender bottle up to the brim with cold water and shake. Cookies and Cream and Vanilla are very similar, but if tasted side by side there is a definite difference (Vanilla is awesome). I do not like my shakes too thick so I try to add as much water as possible into the blender bottle and I find that this works well with Cookies and Cream, not so good with the chocolate flavors, the chocolate flavors need to be a little thicker.

by Steven on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream
Kinda gross

Wasn't really a fan of this flavor at all. It kind of tastes stale and very musky. When I opened the bottle, my girlfriend kept asking if I'd either farted or burped! The flavor was not much better than the taste.

I used 4 oz of heavy cream and 12 oz of water and left it overnight, but it really just tasted like sour milk almost. I mixed the chocolate peanut butter right after with the same cream and it was delicious, so I'm guessing the powder is just not for me, or this is better prepared in other ways.

by Ruth on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream
Keto Chow 2.0 Cookies & Cream

I find that the Cookies & Cream flavor is much sweeter than any of the other 3 flavors that I have tried. A little too sweet for me, but my daughter loved it. It's her favorite flavor, whereas mine is the Chocolate Peanut Butter. I would buy it again for her, but would probably buy one of the other flavors for myself. She has a sweet tooth and has felt deprived since we started eating keto, but says this is her go-to when she wants a dessert, but can't have one.

by beverly on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream

This Cookies & Cream flavor is sweeter than the Vanilla but equally as good. This was my first flavor to try. The Cookies & Cream does not have much chocolate in the flavor (there is a hint) but additional cocoa or sugar-free chocolate syrup can be added, which I find completes it a bit better. This KC C&C flavor is WAY better than other protein shake/bar brands that say they are Cookies &Cream flavor!

by Alisha on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream
Cookies & Crack

This is an amazing flavor. It is on the sweeter side but not sickeningly sweet. I recommend mixing this up, letting it sit overnight and then adding crushed ice for a thicker, milkshake style drink. Personally I think the taste is divine. It tastes like dessert but hasn't triggered any sort of cravings for more sweets.

by hstraf on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream
Flavor review for cookies and cream

This flavor was really delicious. I made it with 33% whipping cream and 13oz of water, with a bunch of icecubes. I put it all into the blender and it made a milkshake.. sortof. I let it sit in the fridge for about 8 hours, and I was worried the blended ice would melt quickly.. but it was still very cold and more "milkshaky" than before. Perfect.

It was literally like drinking a yummy delicious milkshake. So good!

by doc on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream

This is a great flavor with the wrong name. This is just another vanilla; there's no trace of chocolate at all. This is the french vanilla to the Vanilla flavor's Vanilla Bean.
Unless you put Golden Oreos on it, maybe?

by Marilyn Justus on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream

Love love this flavor. Such a treat, Will buy again.

by Heather on Keto Chow Cookies & Cream
Best Cookies & Cream powder.

I've tried a few similar flavors in other brands before and they were never this good. Really tastes like the creamy part of an Oreo. Super sweet.

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