Keto Chow 2.1 Flavor: Mocha

//Keto Chow 2.1 Flavor: Mocha
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Keto Chow Mocha
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by Zac on Keto Chow Mocha
Pretty Spot On

I don't think the flavor could come much closer. The coffee flavor is very apparent, and appropriately bitter. The sweetness of the chocolate compliments the flavor well.

This is one flavor I don't think gets better by sitting in the fridge. Probably best eaten within 8 hours of mixing because the Mocha flavor fades and the 'protein shake' flavor creeps in.

by Megan R on Keto Chow Mocha
I was excited to try but,

So i ordered the sample packs this past week eager to try these flavors. I have never been one to eat breakfast, but i love shakes in the morning. I prepared the mocha sample per the package details- 1/4c HWC then 14oz water (blended in my nutribullet)& let it sit overnight. Well, this morning i took my first drink and it was so disgusting! I even had my husband try- It tasted like plastic meets horrible protein drink. I held my mose and chugged it down since I didnt want to waste it. I ended up taking 1 of my nausea pills after because it was so bad. I hope the other flavors aren't like this...but i will NOT be ordering a big one of mocha ever!

by Glenn on Keto Chow Mocha
Perk you up with great flavor

This flavor is just the right kind of tart for a coffee flavor, while still being sweet-ish. That it also perks you up is a definite bonus! I'll be making sure to keep this bag in stock on my shelf so I always have a great morning meal.

by Beverly on Keto Chow Mocha

This Mocha flavor is pretty good but it is my least favorite flavor so far (have tried five). The chocolate saves it but there is definitely a coffee bitterness. I am a wimp on coffee though; I like it weak, sweetened, and with cream. I received Mocha in a "sample trade" through the reddit Keto Chow forum. I am glad to have tried a sample so I know that I do not want to buy a whole bag.

by Ruth on Keto Chow Mocha
Keto Chow 2.0 Mocha

I honestly can't understand why some of the other reviewers gave this less than 5 stars. It is chocolatey with a coffee undertone. Absolutely wonderful. Ties in second place of the flavors I have tried so far with Salted Caramel (first is Chocolate Peanut Butter). Will definitely buy this again.

by Tim on Keto Chow Mocha
Needs more coffee

Pretty bad made as is. The dairy aftertaste comes too strongly through and just tastes mildly sweet. I've been mixing some Cold Brew concentrate in my mix and it tastes TONS better.

by Claire on Keto Chow Mocha

So I bought four individual 2.0 sample packages, this was one of them. I'm not sure if it somehow got mixed up, but this tasted exactly how I would imagine salted caramel to (which was not a flavor I ordered). Sickly sweet, definitely will not be sampling the actual salted caramel, unfortunately.

by hstraf on Keto Chow Mocha
Review of Mocha flavor

I am not a coffee drinker, so I was a little unsure about this one. (I hate coffee flavor stuff, even though I love the coffee smell.) This was included in the "Sample all the things!" pack I purchased, so I figured.. why not try it?

It was pretty good! It basically tasted like chocolate with a little bit of other flavor. (I guess that's the "mocha" part?) I added this flavor to the "yes" side for when I place my full order.

I added 80ml of 33% whipping cream, 15oz water and let it sit overnight. There were some chunks before I put it into the fridge, but they disappeared quickly when I shook the bottle before drinking to mix it all up.

The texture was smooth.. nice and creamy.

I was pleasantly surprised by this flavor. 🙂

by doc on Keto Chow Mocha

I was dubious about the caffeine, but then I started chugging coffee constantly to stay awake at work again and figured why not.
Adds some much needed variety to a line up that can be several very similar flavors.

by Tony on Keto Chow Mocha
Much to my chagrin

It saddens me deeply to post this review, I hoped to keep the secret of the Mocha flavor in all of its glory to myself. Alas; I told Chris I would review it in exchange for a sample. So let me simply say, I am a customer for life and will never consider any flavor other than Mocha.

when asked, "what is best in life?" one should reply only with

"to crush your chow!"
"to see carbs driven before you!"
"and to hear the lamentations of the other flavors!"

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