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Keto Chow Mocha
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by Stephanie on Keto Chow Mocha
Great with coffee!

I’m not sure how good it would be made with water, but with coffee it’s amazing! I just add the same amount of coffee that I would if I were using water. It tastes just like a mocha latte!

by Kaitlyn on Keto Chow Mocha
Love the mocha!

I've tried about 5 flavors so far, and the mocha is my favorite! Super delicious and chocolatey. Favorite way to have it is pretty thick and eat it with a spoon, like caffeinated pudding. Really awesome flavor!

by Roger on Keto Chow Mocha

I tried the Mocha flavor for the first time, and I DID NOT LIKE IT! I mixed it with avocado oil and had a hard time swallowing it. It smells excellent; however, it tasted unpleasant.

by Erin on Keto Chow Mocha
Pretty solid

Just had this one today. I was really looking forward to it as I LOVE coffee. It definitely has more of a “dark chocolate” flavor (vs Chocolate which is more of a milk chocolate). I would have liked a stronger coffee flavor, but that can be remedied by using cold brew to mix it.

by rose on Keto Chow Mocha
1st time testing keto chow - salty

perhaps i shouldn't be surprised but was NOT expecting the predominant taste to be salt. i used 1/4 cup cream and 14 ox water - measured. let sit 1 hr in frig, and found 1st taste not only too salty but too thick and added 1/4 cup add'l water.
my predominant flavor impressions aare #1 tastes 'artificial' ... you know that = you know it's instant milk or instant coffee or powdered instant 'something' taste... 2nd and overwhelming is salt. i guess if it's a 'keto meal replacement' the salt taste means i'm getting my electrolytes.
i DO like the shaker and the ease of preparation; excellent directions and supportive video etc. and b/c i invested in the 'sample pack' will of course tate the other flavors.
perhaps if you are a 'shake meal' person this would be a hit - am not normally but wanted to expand my meal horizons
thanks for the try annd chance to review

by Rebecca on Keto Chow Mocha
Smell - 4, Taste - 2

Smells like mocha, does not taste like mocha, not sure how to describe taste

by Karyn Voldstad on Keto Chow Mocha
A favorite

In my opinion, the coffee cuts the sweetness of the chocolate, and I like my coffee creamy, so this is the perfect combination.

by Zac on Keto Chow Mocha
Pretty Spot On

I don't think the flavor could come much closer. The coffee flavor is very apparent, and appropriately bitter. The sweetness of the chocolate compliments the flavor well.

This is one flavor I don't think gets better by sitting in the fridge. Probably best eaten within 8 hours of mixing because the Mocha flavor fades and the 'protein shake' flavor creeps in.

by Megan R on Keto Chow Mocha
I was excited to try but,

So i ordered the sample packs this past week eager to try these flavors. I have never been one to eat breakfast, but i love shakes in the morning. I prepared the mocha sample per the package details- 1/4c HWC then 14oz water (blended in my nutribullet)& let it sit overnight. Well, this morning i took my first drink and it was so disgusting! I even had my husband try- It tasted like plastic meets horrible protein drink. I held my mose and chugged it down since I didnt want to waste it. I ended up taking 1 of my nausea pills after because it was so bad. I hope the other flavors aren't like this...but i will NOT be ordering a big one of mocha ever!

by Glenn on Keto Chow Mocha
Perk you up with great flavor

This flavor is just the right kind of tart for a coffee flavor, while still being sweet-ish. That it also perks you up is a definite bonus! I'll be making sure to keep this bag in stock on my shelf so I always have a great morning meal.

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