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Keto Chow Strawberry
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by Stephanie on Keto Chow Strawberry
I prefer the natural strawberry flavor.

It’s ok, but it taste pretty artificial. The natural strawberry is much better.

by Krista on Keto Chow Strawberry
It's o.k.

Anice change of pace from choc flavors. Strawberry is so subtle it takes a while to pick it up. Definitely improves if you let the shake mature overnight. I found sugar free flavorings in strawberry and cheesecake and I use those to doctor the shakes.

by Alex on Keto Chow Strawberry

While I think this Strawberry is better than the natural strawberry, nothing really sets it apart from the basic fake, chalkiness of most strawberry protein shakes. It's not a delicious strawberry milkshake like you might come to expect after tasting many of the other flavors.

by Robin on Keto Chow Strawberry
Love it

This was a very good flavor and I left it in the refrigerator for 24 plus hours. The flavor just kept getting better and better.

by Michelle on Keto Chow Strawberry
Liked it...

I usually don't like strawberry anything, but tried one when I ordered the sample pack. It was actually... GOOD! I was nervous at first to even try it. I don't even like strawberry ice cream... Ended up ordering 3 more bags, one of them strawberry.

by Tim on Keto Chow Strawberry
Don't do it.

This stuff is BAD. Very light strawberry Nesquik flavor that can't cover the whey aftertaste.

by Michelle on Keto Chow Strawberry
Best Strawberry Milkshake ever

OMG, 9 months keto, doing great and no regrets. Tried the Keto Chow Sample pack. All were good but STRAWBERRY, YUM. Love it.
Thanks Keto Chow - a great addition to my Keto menu

by Henri on Keto Chow Strawberry
KetoChow Strawberry flavor review

This is the first KetoChow I've ever tried. (I ordered the "Sample all the things" to try them all out.)

I mixed 80ml of 33% whipping cream with about 15oz of water, then added the package of strawberry ketochow. I mixed it up in my blender shaker bottle really well, and put it into the fridge for about 6 hours. (I made it in the morning, and drank it at night during dinner with my family.)

So.... how does it taste?

It wasn't bad. It was certainly very editable and easy to drink. There was no gross aftertaste or anything like that. In fact, it was difficult to resist the temptation to just drink the whole thing in one go. (I drink a lot of water, and usually drink the whole glass at once, so this was difficult to resist that urge.) However, I wanted to "make it last" so that I could actually feel like I was "eating" with my family while they ate their own dinner.

It took a few drinks before I finally realized what this tastes like. The flavor reminded me a melted strawberry flavored fudgsicle. You know those brown fudgesicles? Well, they also make them in strawberry flavor, and I remember "drinking" one that I had left outside too long and had melted. This strawberry flavor ketochow reminded me of that.

It's kind of a creamy, artificially sweet strawberry flavored milky drink. Not gritty. No bad aftertaste.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it a solid 6.5. Certainly, for me, it is better than having to cook my own keto meal, so I would have no problem drinking this flavor again.

by doc on Keto Chow Strawberry

Do you like cheap candy artificial strawberry flavor?
This is a much more strident flavor that the 1.9 Strawberry, and doesn't blend well with the Chocolate, which was very disappointing.

by Heather on Keto Chow Strawberry
Sweet Treat

Strawberry 2.0 reminds me of Nestle Quik. It could use a little more flavor, but the sweetness is fine and it is certainly strawberry flavored. I don't really like this as a meal, but I've begun to mix it with other 2.0 flavors and add real strawberries.

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