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Keto Chow Vanilla
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 9 reviews
by Stephanie on Keto Chow Vanilla
Not my favorite

To me vanilla taste the most like a traditional protein shake. Not bad, but in comparison to the other Keto Chow flavors it’s one of my least favorites.

by Robin on Keto Chow Vanilla

I like the vanilla flavor and it taste a lot like melted ice cream. I had it just as is and then I got ideas about making other flavors adding low carb ingredients. It is a great taste if you like to try things out.

by Beverly on Keto Chow Vanilla

2.1 Vanilla tastes even more like melted vanilla ice cream than previous versions. It can used to create other flavor combinations.

by Sharon on Keto Chow Vanilla
Vanilla love

Love the vanilla! I use a few drops of capella flavor drops to make any flavor i want

by beverly on Keto Chow Vanilla

This Vanilla flavor is sweet and creamy. There is a fullness to this flavor that makes it better than Cookies & Cream. Other flavors can be added to Vanilla successfully because it is not overpowering. However, it is not boring either. There is definitely flavor there; otherwise, the shake would simply taste like heavy cream.

by Claire on Keto Chow Vanilla
Not bad

I ordered a vanilla 2.0 sample pack.
I usually go for vanilla flavored things before chocolate, this one however, wasn't terrible, but reminded me of Slim Fast with a hint of artificial sweetener at the end. To be fair though, I am super sensitive to artificial tasting things, I've never been partial to diet sodas or things like that.. Again, not a terrible flavor, but not for me.
I agree with the previous review, I've found none of the flavors to have a grainy texture, which is much appreciated!

by hstraf on Keto Chow Vanilla
Review of Vanilla flavor

I got the vanilla flavor included with the "Sample all the things" package. I put 80ml of 33% whipping cream, about 15oz of water, then added the package of ketochow and mixed it up. I let it sit in the fridge overnight (about 10 hours total), and had half of it for breakfast and half of it as part of my lunch.

I liked it. It definitely tastes like vanilla. Nice and "plain". Not super strong or powerful. It would make a great "base" to add with another flavor (which I have read here and in the forums is a popular thing to do).

It was also smooth and not grainy or anything like that. There was no bad aftertaste at all... and I actually wanted to drink more after I was finished.

by Heather on Keto Chow Vanilla
A good base

Vanilla 2.0 is along the lines of Cookies & Cream 2.0. Same kind of vanilla sweetness that isn't my favorite. Not a bad product at all, it just isn't my preferred vanilla flavor, it isn't like vanilla ice cream. I'll be adding peanut butter or coffee to make mixed flavors more than I'll be having it plain.

by doc on Keto Chow Vanilla

Has a nice bite to it that's more interesting than your average vanilla.