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Keto Chow Chocolate Mint
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 5 reviews
by Aaron on Keto Chow Chocolate Mint
More like Mint Chocolate Chip

I had expected when I tried this flavor to get Chocolate Keto Chow with a bit of mint added to it. I was surprised when it turned out to be green. Upon trying it, It reminded me much more of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream rather than a Chocolate mint. For me this is a flavor variation I'd keep around if i wanted to change things up

by Kerry on Keto Chow Chocolate Mint

I bought a full bag of this based on the fact that Andes mints are a favorite of mine. This does not disappoint. Definitely more of a mint flavor with just a hint of chocolate. I mix mine with unsweetened chocolate almond milk and cacao powder to jazz it up a bit. Sometimes I add coffee as well, for more of a peppermint mocha flavor.

by Robin on Keto Chow Chocolate Mint

This was one of the 1st flavors that I tried. It was very refreshing. I don't know if I would buy an entire bag of it but I definitely want it again.

by Beverly on Keto Chow Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint 2.1 is a really good, strong flavor! The mint hits with a punch like an Andes mint or peppermint patty. It leaves that cool feel in your mouth where you're a little afraid to drink a cold beverage because you know it will "hurt" if you do. This isn't a flavor I will drink often but I LIKE IT!

by Clinton on Keto Chow Chocolate Mint
Very Nice Chocolate Mint Blend

I like this flavor a lot. Before Keto, one of my favorite sweets were Andes Creme de Menthe and I feel like the chocolate mint has hints of that flavor. This flavor has definitely made its way into regular rotation. Vanilla and Cookies n Cream are still my favorites, but Chocolate Mint may be my 3rd favorite. This flavor is an awesome addition to the Keto Chow flavor lineup.