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Chocolate Toffee
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 6 reviews
by Stacy on Chocolate Toffee
Great taste

This is prob one of my top picks. Although its not choc toffee its a great flavor profile!! I also like how the shakes are very thick because for me i like to imagine im having a real ice cream shake and ill put it in the freezer for a bit just before i have it.

by Alex on Chocolate Toffee

I agree with the reviewers who think this tastes closer to butterscotch than chocolate toffee, and that is A-OK with me! After sampling all the flavors, this is in my top 5 (there are so many great ones, it's hard to choose!). I'm not a huge chocolate person so I don't miss the lack of chocolate flavor.

by Kerry on Chocolate Toffee

I was really looking forward to trying this one as I love toffee. However, it was very much a butterscotch flavor, of which I am not a fan.

by Julie on Chocolate Toffee

This flavor is more butterscotch than anything else, very sweet. I don't taste any chocolate. I think it would be better advertised as Three Broomsticks' butterbeer or something.

by Beverly on Chocolate Toffee

This Chocolate Toffee 2.1 flavor is difficult to describe. It is delicious but is not identifiable. It certainly does not taste like a chocolate toffee candy bar (Heath, Skor, etc) to me. There is a hint of butterscotch perhaps. But not chocolate or toffee. Truly what it tastes like to me is a graham cracker. I can't muster up any other flavor profile even after drinking several of these shakes.

by Natasha on Chocolate Toffee
Hell yeah!

I can’t say enough good things about this flavor!
I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, and I will admit this is on the sweet side. But since I only drink about 1/4-1/2 of a serving per day (my macros don’t really support a 600+ cal drink per day and I like other foods) it’s totally a treat to have!
Seriously delicious.