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Natural Strawberry
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 8 reviews
by Stephanie on Natural Strawberry
Really good!

This one tastes much closer to actual strawberries than the regular strawberry.

by Eden on Natural Strawberry
Yum 😋

Tastes like a melted strawberry shake! Not too sweet with plenty of strawberry flavor!

by Patrick on Natural Strawberry
Great mild flavor

I've tried almost every flavor and this is probably in the top two. It may actually be my favorite. It's a nice mild strawberry flavor with a smooth, creamy consistency. Most of the other flavors are a little too sweet for my taste, but this is perfect. It actually tastes like strawberry too, compared to a lot of other artificial "strawberry" flavors.

I'd love to see more flavors sweetened with Monk Fruit!

by Chad on Natural Strawberry
Great! Need more flavors with Monk Fruit!

Amazing flavor, texture, and incredibly filling. I’m please bring more monk fruit flavors in!! At least vanilla and chocolate.

by Mistie Hernandez on Natural Strawberry
Love the Natural Strawberry 🍓

Love it and wish you made more flavors with monk fruit!

by Alex on Natural Strawberry

Strawberry flavor with a bit of a mineral-y twang to it and one of the two flavors I probably wouldn't drink, even if free. The "regular" strawberry is a bit better, in my opinion.

by Jessica on Natural Strawberry
Best ever

I have dieted for more than half of my life, 16 years, this is the best keto food I have ever tasted. It is like a strawberry milkshake. I feel like I shouldn’t be drinking it. It keeps me full, fulfills my sweet tooth, and keeps me on track. Delicious.

by EA Rosenzweig on Natural Strawberry
Very good!

Fat source: 33 cc Keto&Co shake oil

Immediately on mixing: salty strawberries?!? It tastes almost exactly as if you took a store-ripened strawberry and sprinkled it with salt and sugar. I'm going to have to try that sometime because it was surprisingly appealing here.

After spending a few hours in the fridge: Strawberry candy. I drank the whole thing very happily. The monk fruit gave the mix a subtly different flavor than sucralose, which was nice.

Verdict: I'm not sure I would buy a whole week bag of this when there are so many other options, but I liked it a lot!