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Raspberry Cheesecake
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 8 reviews
by Lois on Raspberry Cheesecake
New Favorite

I tried this from the sample pack. I immediately liked it so much that I went online to order a 21- day bag. It's my lucky day-- it's the flavor of the week!

by Stephanie on Raspberry Cheesecake
Really like it!

I was a little skeptical trying this, but it’s actually pretty good!

by Jessica on Raspberry Cheesecake
unique flavor

This was one of the weirdest flavors I ordered a sample of. I asked my husband to guess the flavor, and he had no idea. I thought it reminded me of the "buttered popcorn" jelly beans. Not a bad taste, but definitely not what I was expecting!

by Lewis on Raspberry Cheesecake
Second best flavor

Raspberry flavor comes though.

by Julie on Raspberry Cheesecake

Woah, this flavor is a kick in the face. Reminds me of raspberry shortcake cookies more than cheesecake. Very sweet, and I liked it more than I expected since I'm usually into chocolate.

by Beverly on Raspberry Cheesecake

Raspberry Cheesecake 2.1 is an ok flavor but it's not a favorite. It's subtle. The raspberry is subtle. The cheesecake is so subtle that I can't taste it while drinking it - but I can smell it - and there's a cheesecake aftertaste. It would be nice if this had an element of raspberry seeds and a stronger flavor in general.

by Amanda Cluett on Raspberry Cheesecake
My favorite

So far this is my favorite flavor. Salted caramel and chocolate peanut butter are both a close second. They got the flavor justt right with this one.

by throwaway123454321 on Raspberry Cheesecake
Good, strong raspberry, light cheesecake

The raspberry cheesecake powder has a terrible smell when you open the bag. I'm not sure why. Fortunately there is no hint of that once its mixed up. Like another poster said, its heavier on the raspberry than on the cheesecake, like a raspberry eaten with whipped cream. Very tasty. It still doesn't dethrone salted caramel for me though, because that is still my favorite of the sweet flavors.