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Orange Cream
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by Trish on Orange Cream
Orange Cream

Orange and Strawberry are my favorite. I do make my shakes different than the original instructions, I put approx 2 cups ice in a blender w/MIO flavoring and 2 Tbs heavy cream. I add diet orange or strawberry soda for the liquid and then blend to a fairly thick shake and drink immediately. I use Root Beer soda for the root beer shake. I love these shakes and like that they are a complete meal replacement. Easy and convenient. Thanks Keto Chow!!!!!

by Stephanie on Orange Cream
My least favorite flavor

I was expecting this to taste like a creamsicle, but it tastes exactly like my daughter’s orange flavored chewables.

by Erika on Orange Cream
Not what I was expecting

I wanted something different and I bought this flavor, thinking that it would taste like my beloved childhood treat. I was highly disappointed. I purchased this flavor months ago and still haven’t finished because it doesn’t really taste like anything. It’s smells like a orange. Maybe it’s a bad batch.

by Alex on Orange Cream
Sadly, my least favorite flavor

After having been through all the KC flavors now I have to say this is the only one I actually hated, and I normally enjoy orange cream things. I mixed up the shake and let it chill for 3ish hours before drinking. The flavor was like chewing on a Flintstones vitamin, complete with tasting all the minerals. It was just not enjoyable to me at all.

by Ray on Orange Cream
Favorite of all Keto Chow flavors!

I admit I'm biased because I love orange-flavored anything, especially orange cream, but this flavor is just amazing. The perfect blend of vanilla and orange. I think I could drink it every day forever and never get tired of it.

by Beverly on Orange Cream

2.1 Orange Cream nailed its flavor profile. This has the clear taste of melted vanilla ice cream with the distinct addition of orange.

by Instant favorite! on Orange Cream
best flavor ever..... so far

I was always a fan of orange cream-sicles so naturally when i saw the flavor become available with the 2.1 launch i was eager to try it out. Super delicious and reminds me of exactly an orange cream pop. I still have so many other flavors to try, but i could easily see myself just sticking with this one. Definitely recommend to everyone. Cant wait to try and make popsicle/ice pops with it!