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Savory Chicken Soup
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by Claudia on Savory Chicken Soup

I ordered both sample packs... Some of the flavors were just "okay" in my opinion. My favorites before trying the savory chicken soup were chocolate and snickerdoodle. I was so excited to try this that I saved it until almost last. I can see myself eating nothing but this!!! I bought bulk packs of the other 2, but when I tried this one, I immediately bought a bulk pack of it. Great job!!!!

by Corinne Reif on Savory Chicken Soup
Not good on its own

I just prepared it the way the package said to with hot water and cream and it was disgusting. It was like a slimy soup that tasted vaguely of watered down chicken. Maybe prepared different it would be better or in a recipe it would be better but as instructed, I threw it out.

by Alex on Savory Chicken Soup

Alright, so I hadn't actually made this into a soup but really enjoyed the outcome as using it in the drop biscuit recipe on this site. Seems like it would be versatile in a variety of savory recipes.

by Amber W on Savory Chicken Soup
Delicious Hot Soup!

I followed the advice of other reviewers who used 1 tbsp salted butter and 3 tbsp heavy cream, and replaced the water with chicken stock (Fun fact: A can of chicken broth has 14.5 oz, so you can basically just put in the entire can). I'm the kind of person who goes nuts with the spices, so i added some garlic powder, a bit of fajita chicken seasoning, a bit of salt-free Tony Chachere's cajun seasoning, a small quantity of pepper, some himalayan pink rock salt, and put it in our small blender.

Once it was blended well, I stuck it in a Pyrex, heated it in the microwave (though I suppose if you're fancy, you could use the stove) and once hot, ate it with a spoon.

In the future, I may experiment with adding actual chicken.

by Colin V. on Savory Chicken Soup
A welcome savory edition to KetoChow collection!

Like everyone else, I make some additions to this to make it a real winner. I make mine with Chicken broth instead of water, I heat it up in a sauce pan with some heavy cream, avocado oil and a little kerry gold butter. Add a bunch of fresh cracked black pepper a pinch or two of salt and a shake of garlic powder, pour into your vessel of choice and shake to get out any clumps. Basically tastes like the broth of a bowl of chicken chowder.

by EA Rosenzweig on Savory Chicken Soup
The best flavor of Keto Chow yet!

Fat source: 1 Tbsp butter, 3 Tbsp heavy cream

Immediately on mixing: Ate the whole thing, then licked the bowl clean

Verdict: I prepared the chicken flavor Keto Chow by melting the butter into the heavy cream in the microwave, putting that in a blender bottle with the powder and enough water to make a pourable liquid and mixing thoroughly, and then diluting that with boiling water from an electric kettle in a soup bowl. Served topped with dried parsley flakes and freshly cracked black pepper.

It reminds me of the Ideal Protein savory meal powders that I used to love back in the day, except Ideal Protein is more of a PSMF protocol and not really a sustainable or nutritionally complete diet. The onion powder and garlic powder in the ingredients are very noticeable (and delicious) immediately on mixing - unfortunately my sample didn't last long enough for me to find out if the flavor changes at all overnight.

I'm definitely ordering at least one big bag of this one, maybe two.

by throwaway123454321 on Savory Chicken Soup
Savory chicken soup is really good

this is a really good flavor. I'm someone who will take a seasoning packet of Nissen top Ramen and just mix it with hot water and and drink it straight because I love the flavor of broth.
My first batch I just mixed up quickly with hot tap water that was microwaved for 60 seconds to heat up further. Mixed with black pepper, Siracha, and Lawry's garlic salt. REALLY GOOD. A little pepper goes a LONG way in this. You can easily over do it.

I mixed up another batch right after to save for later. This one I went with garlic powder instead of salt, with Sombal Oelek, and a drop of Elijah's ghost pepper hot sauce. This one I'm leaving in a thermal flask to mix properly. Of course I took a sip, and the flavor was a little nicer with this round. Both times I used 2 TBSP of butter and a little bit of HWC.

I am really impressed with the savory chicken soup flavor and its versatility.