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by Sophie on Snickerdoodle
Surprisingly good!

This was in my initial starter pack. I don't even like real snickerdoodles so prepared to gag this down just to get it out of the way. Oh my goodness! Delicious!! I mixed it with a very small amount of mct oil and a couple of ounces of heavy cream. Let it chill in freezer for about 45 minutes, then in fridge until lunch break. (About four more hours.) Perfect in flavor and texture. Love it!

by Stephanie on Snickerdoodle
One of my favorites!

Snickerdoodle tastes great made with water or coffee!

by FV on Snickerdoodle
Overall Review

I have placed three orders of Keto Chow, so far. My first order was Raspberry Cheesecake, Snickerdoodle, and Pumpkin Spice Caramel; my second order was Raspberry Cheesecake, Snickerdoodle, and Chocolate; my third order was Root Beer Float, Orange Cream, Strawberry, and Chocolate Mint.

I was successful on Keto before Keto Chow; I lost about 30 lbs eating Keto last year (I wasn’t strict on counting calories but I was eating “clean Keto.” I gained weight after I went back to my old eating habits when I was going through some stressful times and emotionally eating. I understand that Keto is a lifestyle for many people but I never intended to eat Keto for the rest of my life; I think there’s a different between losing weight on Keto and going back to the old eating habits that caused you to gain weight and transitioning into a healthy low-carb, low-calorie diet. I want to reach my goal weight and switch to low-carb to be able to enjoy the foods that I like once in a while and in moderation. I don’t think it’s healthy or “worth it” to cheat on Keto or switch back and forth between Keto and an unhealthy diet, however, I do think Keto can be used to lose weight and a healthy weight can be maintained on a healthy low-carb diet.

I found Keto Chow last year (I can’t remember how) and my original plan was to supplement one or two meals per day; I didn’t lose any weight my first time on Keto Chow and it was my fault. I wasn’t being consistent and I wasn’t sure how many calories I was eating in addition to Keto Chow.

I know Keto works and I know a healthy low-carb, low-calorie diet works; but I wasn’t sure how many calories and grams of carbs I was taking it. I decided to try again and do a “100 days of Keto Chow” challenge. I don’t want to count calories everyday and I would have to do that if I was just supplementing one or two meals with Keto Chow because a deficit is still important when trying to lose weight. Instead, I’m having Keto Chow all day, everyday.

Today is day 12, and I have lost 5 lbs as of a few days ago. My goal is to lose at least 20 lbs in 100 days but I expect to lose more. I’m having an iced-coffee in the morning and Keto Chow for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everything is measured on a scale and I know I’m having about 1278 calories everyday. I haven’t had hunger or cravings since like the third day, and most days I could skip a “meal” but I never do because I want to make sure I eat enough calories everyday. I haven’t tried any of the flavors from my third order yet but my favorite flavor, so far, is Snickerdoodle. I like the other flavors, but I don’t like the consistency of Chocolate. I chose the flavors in my third order because I felt they were “summer” flavors and I want to change things up every season until I reach my goal weight (I saved a bag of Pumpkin Spice Caramel for the fall).

TIPS - I’ve done Keto before and my transitions are smooth but some of the following tips may be helpful to someone trying to do a “Keto Chow challenge.”

I choose to take extra supplements for certain things I want to support. I don’t know how well supplements work but it’s what I choose to do and others may or may not choose to. I try to do my research to choose supplements that have been clinically tested or studied to show they may help. I take four different supplements for mood/stress, I take two supplements for skin and hair health, and I take three supplements for metabolism support. I take magnesium and potassium in tablet/capsule form but I recently purchased the Electrolyte Drops to use when I finish the rest of my bottles. I take cod liver oil capsules for omega 3s and a 50 billion probiotic. Lastly, I take glucomannan and and psyllium husk with 24 oz of water before Keto Chow for fiber and to promote satiety. Most of the supplements are taken before my second “meal,” but some are taking 3 times a day.

I bought some Spry gum to chew on whenever I felt the need but i haven’t used it much; instead, I stick my Keto Chow in the freezer for about 2 hours. Depending on the flavor and amount of time in the freezer, it may be on the creamier or icier side but it’s always good. I mix Keto Chow with heavy cream in 16 oz mason jars.

*I do plan on taking a short break of three days during the week of my birthday (after the challenge) but will continue to eat low-carb and watch my calories; I plan to start another “100 days of Keto Chow” challenge after that.

by Alex on Snickerdoodle

Based on reviews I had seen elsewhere and this being the 10%off bag when I ordered, this was the first flavor I bought a full bag of, along with the sampler packages. I had never had KC but kept my fingers crossed I would like it. It took one shake to make me a KC fan. The flavor is lightly cinnamony and buttery. Really good to mix with coffee or other flavors. A top flavor!

by Kerry on Snickerdoodle

My absolute favorite flavor and it is so versatile. I usually blend this with coffee or chai tea for a yummy coffeehouse style treat. Highly recommend and will purchase again.

by Robin on Snickerdoodle
Need more of this

I really enjoyed this one. I even gave some to my 14 year old daughter who is very picky and she liked it as well. The flavors really deliver on this one.

by Beverly on Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodle 2.1 is another flavor HIT! Creamy, sweet, and rich, the taste of cinnamon and butter is prevalent, as it should be. This flavor really delivers.