We’re very happy to offer Keto Chow at wholesale rates for Doctors, Health Professionals, and Retail Establishments that want to carry it for their local customers! Please Contact Us for pricing and other details.

Here is some additional information about Keto Chow and wholesale:

  1. First things first: Wholesale accounts are only allowed to sell in a physical store without shipping, we do not allow reselling of Keto Chow on the Internet. This includes any publicly accessible search engine indexed site, eBay, Amazon, or any other online channel. If we find that a wholesale account has decided to resell online, we will not continue supplying them with product.
  2. To place a wholesale order please email a purchase order to hello@ketochow.xyz – we will get your order put together and send you an invoice for the order.
  3. In order to set up a wholesale account, you will need to supply a FEIN and a Reseller Sales Tax Exemption certificate for your state before an account will be created allowing wholesale purchasing.
  4. We have minimum order quantities to qualify for wholesale pricing:
    • Samples or single meal packs: 68+ of any flavor or combinations of flavors
    • Large 21 meal packages: multiples of 12 (12, 24, 36, 48, etc…)
    • Electrolytes: Can be ordered in any quantity so long as the total of the order is over US$200
  5. Freight is FOB Draper Utah, meaning it is not included in the wholesale cost. You can arrange for a freight shipment or you can ask us to arrange the freight for you and add it to the invoice.
  6. Payment terms:
    • New, unknown accounts are pre-paid with a credit card
    • Accounts we have an established relationship will be moved to NET10 or NET30 terms upon request, review, and approval.
  7. Recommended pricing is the same that we list on our website. You are able to sell Keto Chow in your physical retail store at whatever price you like, though. Online sales are not allowed (see point #1 above)
  8. Keto Chow will replace a defective item with the same flavor and size. Customer returns or refunds for unwanted items are your responsibility, we recommend that you have any of your customers try samples before ordering large bags they might not like.
  9. Only defective products can be replaced, there are no returns or refunds for wholesale orders of Keto Chow.