Electrolyte Drops

Designed to help keep your electrolytes happy, Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops are a great everyday staple. They give you a fantastic combination of sodium, magnesium, potassium, and chloride and help stave off that dreaded keto flu!

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Taste Tips

For those sensitive to the flavor use with the beverage of your choice.

Dosing Advice

Allows for flexible dosing to easily meet individual needs.

No additives, artificial flavorings, or other ingredients

NO sugars, additives, artificial flavorings, or other ingredients.

Safe For Hydration Packs

Safe for hydration packs. Will not stain or leave a residue.

How To Use:

For those sensitive to the mineral flavor, add lemon or lime juice. For the best-tasting electrolyte water, use good quality water and mix thoroughly.

For little to no salty taste, pour the contents of one rip-pack into a 16ox/500mL water bottle.

If you are not opposed to the stronger salty taste, you can use many more servings at a time. Many users report they prefer to add more if they feel low on electrolytes.


The lid of the pocket flask doubles as a measuring device. The full lid is 1/2 teaspoon and is equivalent to one serving. When using a full cap diluted in 32oz of water, most people cannot taste the drops. However, you can use as much as you’d like as often as you feel you need.

Electrolyte Tablets:

Our ingredients are clean and healthy, because of this, we recommend people take as much as they feel their body needs (we know, that's a bit of a nebulous answer, it's a lot like suggesting a shoe size to a person - they need what fits THEM!). We typically take 2-4 per day, as needed.

What the experts are saying:

Nutritional Info

We have the highest standards for the ingredients we use in Keto Chow products, making sure you get the nutrition your body needs.

Ingredient: Sea Water, Purified Water, Low Sodium Sea Mineral Concentrate, Potassium Chloride.

This product may also contain other naturally occurring minerals and trace elements as found in the Great Salt Lake, an Inland Sea. This product is G.R.A.S. and passed the heavy metals safety test for minerals from the USFCC. As this is a complex, saturated ionic solution, minor crystalization may occur but does not affect product quality.

  • NO sugars, calories, caffeine, or artificial ingredients.

  • Safe for hydration packs. Will not stain or leave a residue.

  • Allows for flexible dosing - at recommended dose, most do not detect any flavor, those doing fasting will often do 3-4x dose.

Customer Reviews

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Cathleen Vaught
Electrolyte drops

I take them 2 times each day and feel better and sleep better than I did before.

Peter Molano

I love your product it got rid of my cramps in my legs

Diane Blanchard
I’ve used them for 2 years especially when fasting

I’ve used them for 2 years mostly while fasting. Almost immediate difference

Brenda Douglas
Not for me.

The drops did not do well for me. I don't know why, but possibly I will try some drops again in the future.

Lauretta Wright
Confused on how much to take.

I thought it would help my leg cramps. It doesn't help that much. Going to try magnesium.

If a serving of Electrolyte Drops doesn't help the leg cramps you can always try adding in our Magnesium Drops. Magnesium is great for cramps.


I swear by the KC electrolytes. I use a capsules with 32 oz of water and sip at through the day. I use the magnesium drops every night at bedtime to keep cramping away. These are staples to my ketogenic lifestyle.

Teresa Young
Easy and effective!

I finally found an electrolyte that works! Thank you!

Menefee Alison

I do not like them at all I probably won’t use them they’ll probably sit on my shelf I won’t be ordering again When I did use them in my water I felt that they made me hungrier


Electrolyte Drops