Our Ten Favorite Sweet and Savory Holiday Recipes To Try This Year

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Pumpkin Scone

New Delicious Holiday Recipes To Try

From savory to sweet, these recipes have got us excited to get in the kitchen this holiday season! From the talented minds of Chef Taffy Elrod and the Chow Kitchen, these recipes will ease some of the holiday stress and will make it oh-so easy to stay keto during your holiday celebrations.

Cooking Tips From Taffy and Classic Recipes Revamped

Charcuterie board

Why not keto-fy your holiday season? You’ll find a mix of longtime favorites and brand new recipes to help you meet you holiday cooking goals. Not only will you find delicious recipes to try, you’ll find great holiday cooking tips to make holiday keto meal prep easier and advice on how to better enjoy yourself in the kitchen.

Spatula in Chocolate

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