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Win a box full of keto goodies in the May Keto Giveaway!

When we went to Low Carb Breckenridge, we struck up a collaboration with several of the other vendors selling keto products – it’s time for that to happen! It’s everything in the image above. Click on the link below to head over to the contest page and get entered!

Win a box full of keto goodies in our May Keto Giveaway!

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Keto Chow at the Low Carb Breckenridge 2018 Conference

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We returned yesterday from the Low Carb Breckenridge. It was really an awesome time. We met a lot of great people, hung out at the “cool kids” party house, ate some yummy fat (along with a little protein =) – I consider it a rousing success and I still haven’t even gone through the stack of annotated business cards to follow up with people yet! Photo Gallery:

I had a chance to do a “5 Minutes of Fame” quick presentation about my most recent experiment – ended up at 2:47 which left extra time for Siobhan Huggins to go 6:57 =)