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Review: Keto & Co. Brownie Mix

I picked up some Brownie mix from Keto & Co. Didn’t tell my wife I was making it. She came down when it was about to come out of the oven and wanted to know if I was making cake. Not quite =)

Overall it’s super yummy. I’m glad I got two packages so I can make another since this first one only has one piece left (and we didn’t let the kids have any). It does require 1/2 cup oil (preferably melted coconut oil), water and two eggs. And it’s $11.50 per mix. The price is the only downside. You might be able to find a recipe that would give you similar results but for convenience, it’s a win, literally took less than 5 minutes to make including pre-heating the oven, finding ingredients, finding a measuring cup and melting the coconut oil. The fact that it has coconut flour is a non-issue since it’s solid food and not a drink, makes all the difference in the world. Honestly, it tastes like a regular brownie, though it is a bit “airy” and not as substantial as I remember brownies being (sue me, it’s been 18+ months since I had a brownie). My wife likes it too.

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First batches of Keto Chow using Dynamize protein

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Last night I mixed up the first batches of Keto Chow using the Dynamize whey protein I’m going to start using. An adventurous soul ordered week of mint chocolate and I did two smaller 1-day batches of strawberry and mint chocolate for testing.

Keto Chow Strawberry Sample

Keto Chow Strawberry Sample

Upon mixing, the Strawberry is a little pink but not much, and the chocolate mint is a bit… tan. You can tell the difference between the chocolate and strawberry but I think the cream is overruling a lot of the coloring it would have had if it was just protein and water. I took better measurements of the finished result (2 lb 8 oz and 9x7x2.5 inches) which will make shipping estimates better. I’m also going to see if I can squeeze it into a 1096L USPS shipping box instead of a Regional Rate A box that I could fit two weeks in.

Keto Chow Chocolate Mint packaged (bottle not included =)

Keto Chow Chocolate Mint packaged (bottle not included =)

I tasted the results about an hour after mixing and it was pretty good. It tasted like it could still use some time for stuff to dissolve but in a time crunch it would be just fine. I would have tried it for realsies this morning but I’m going to get a “Comprehensive Metabolic Panel” blood test and I’m supposed to be fasting. As soon as that’s done (and I’m done with my dentist appointment that’s right after, might as well double up) I’ll give it a better taste test.

It’ll be interesting to see what my blood work shows when I get it sometime later this week or next week. I had it done back in March 2014 (9 months ago?) after doing People Chow for 2 months and those results weren’t bad at all. I’m looking forward to seeing what cutting out carbohydrates and living on mostly fat and some protein has done =).

Mixed up some chocolate Keto Chow

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A commenter on my last post asked if it’s possible to mix up without any coconut flour at all. Yes but you have to increase the psyllum husk to 18g. I wasn’t sure what that would taste like but I was interested to try it. Unfortunately my shipment of Chocolate Mint, Strawberry and Vanilla proteins will not be arriving until Monday. So I mixed up some keto chow using the little chocolate flavored protein I still had, but without any coconut flour.

Keto Chow powder (1 day)

1 day of Keto Chow. There isn’t much to it, only about 140g of stuff.

It’s still funny how small it is, less than 150g of powder that you mix with around a half cup of heavy cream, some MCT oil and… that’s your daily nutrients!

Keto Chow - 3 meals in blender bottles

3 different bottles with Keto Chow mixed up.

I put it in the refrigerator and let it hang out for a while. As expected, the psyllum husk powder absorbed a lot of water and thickened up the mixture a little bit. I might not need so much Xanthan Gum, I’ll probably cut it in half for my next batch. It feels smooth and creamy in my mouth and tastes like… well, a bit like slightly watered down chocolate milk. I think it maybe can use some additional chocolate flavoring, my wife disagrees and thinks it tastes great as it is. It should work well with the different flavored protein powders that are coming on Monday. Here’s a close up of the mixed stuff after refrigeration and a few hours:

Keto Food after 3 hours

Keto Chow after 3 hours

The psyllum goes nearly transparent and it’s the majority of the bits you see in the mixture. Notably there isn’t hardly any separation whereas Ketofood does quite a bit:

Ketofood separation

Ketofood after 4 hours.

OK, let’s look a little closer!

A spoon dipped in Ketofood, no chia seeds here

A spoon dipped in Ketofood, no chia seeds for a change

Spoon dipped in Keto Chow. It's mostly bubbles and psyllum that you see.

Spoon dipped in Keto Chow. It’s mostly bubbles and psyllum that you see.

And here’s the same test in video format:

My next batch will probably be strawberry or vanilla, have half the xanthan gum and I might put back in some of the coconut flour to see what it does to the flavor and texture.

New ketogenic recipe in development, it’s moar betterer

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Several weeks ago /u/kennufs posted his current Ketogenic recipe. I ordered some of the ingredients and gave it a try recently. It’s so superior to KetoFood it’s kinda silly, probably because it doesn’t have chia seeds and does use a generous amount of heavy cream. I did that recipe for about a week and a half whilst changing stuff around before I ran out of the NutraBio whey protein isolate he specifies. That particular WPI is unique in that it doesn’t have any carbohydrate sources in it, like none at all, which keeps the net carbs down.

The problem with the NutraBio is where I’m living (Utah) it takes 9 business days to get a shipment of it from New Jersey. With a 2lb tub lasting approximately 10 days this makes sourcing it and keeping it on hand a logistical nightmare. It’s the same problem I have with getting Cal/Mag/D3 from sometimes it takes them 2 weeks to get me stuff. I’m also working to replace the ketofood I mix on this site with a recipe along the same lines as Kennufs’ so I’ve been searching for a viable alternative to the protein and I think I finally have it.

I wanted to find something that I can buy at – they may not have the absolute lowest prices but my proximity to their central warehouse (Boise Idaho) makes for crazy fast shipping times, like 2 days at the longest with a few orders arriving the day after I ordered. Seriously, they are great; especially in the states surrounding Idaho =). Anyhow I found two possibilities: IsoPure Zero Carb and Dymatize Elite. Initially it looked like the Isopure would work but they include vitamins in their powder making it terribly difficult to get the right micronutrient mix. I had overage on some stuff and hardly anything on others (Iron, Vitamin C) that required adding an additional specific supplement.

Since I have the day off work today, obviously I woke up early and my brain switched on. So I started looking again and found the Dymatize Elite. It comes in a variety of flavors but I’m only going to mess with the ones that come in the 10lb size: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla  and Chocolate Mint. I took the groundwork that Kennufs laid, fixed some ingredients that showed different nutritional values, updated prices, copied over a bunch of the ingredients from my People Chow and my KetoFood recipes and the end result is what I’m going to call Keto Chow 0.7. Feel free to clone it, abuse it, whatever =)

In a few days (or hours, who knows?) I’ll add it as an orderable product on the site with the caveat that it’s going to be changing as it’s very much in active development. UPDATE: that was quick. At first you might even get some NutraBio WPI since I still have a bunch of that en-route. Additionally, except one flavor, I haven’t actually tasted the Dymatize WPI yet so some of the flavors might be awesome or might be completely awful. I’m also still trying to figure out what to do with the fish oil. To hit the right omega 3’s you need 5ml (1 tsp.) per day. You can get that from liquid cod liver oil in a big bottle or you can get it in gelatin capsules and take 5 a day along with the daily multivitamin. Any feedback on which you like better?

Anyhow, how’s that for a New Years update?

Coconut flour shortage = price jump for Ketofood

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Last night I blew through most of a 25lb bag of coconut flour mixing up Ketofood. I went to order more and, as predicted, the large 25lb bags appear to be out of stock everywhere. I’m not sure if they just stopped making it or if the little notice at the bottom of their product page is relevant

As we transition to our new packaging you may receive either original or new packaging depending on the inventory status of the item(s) you ordered. Thanks for your patience!

Hopefully they’re just switching packaging and in a short time I’ll be able to get the big bags again. Until then I’m stuck ordering 3, 4 or 5 lb bags at around 2x the cost. I raised the price of Ketofood and plan to lower it back down if I can source coconut flour close to the old price. Somebody remind me, OK?


Update: Nutivia replied to my tweet about the stock status: “We hope to have it back in stock by mid-January. Thank you for your patience.” So there you go.

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Using a different coconut flour makes all the difference

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I started doing ketofood using Anthony’s USDA Organic Coconut Flour (5 lb), because the cost was better. I actually went through two of them before starting on my new Nutiva Organic Flour, Coconut, 25 Pound that I didn’t get from Amazon, I got it from these guys.

Wow, what a difference! The Anthony’s is is more of a finely shredded not-powder while the Nutiva is a darker color (slightly toasted?) and a much finer grind. It’s more like actual flour. I tried adding in some xanthan gum to the mix as well and the consistency was much improved, overall it was awfully close to Ketosoy except sweetened with stevia instead of sucralose. I’m going to have to keep experimenting with this.

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