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Keto Chow Donuts

We used a 9 donut mold to make these and it’s been fantastic with any flavor of Keto Chow that we’ve tried. To get the nutrition info I made a recipe in cron-o-meter, which is what we prefer for tracking your food. Recipe originally by Cristy Davis from the Sofa King Facebook group (I think Kristina Wells helped too).

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Keto Chow Donuts
Easy and simple, use just about any flavor Keto Chow to make donuts
Course Desserts
Keyword Keto Chow
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
donuts (with glaze)
Course Desserts
Keyword Keto Chow
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
donuts (with glaze)
  1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl
  2. fill the molds, they will rise quite a lot
  3. microwave for 8 minutes (or less if you want them more moist)
  4. glaze and enjoy!
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Chocolate Peanut Butter samples expected around September 19

I’ve been calling the place doing the packaging for the Chocolate Peanut Butter samples several times a day trying to get more details on their schedule. Yesterday I finally got some info: 3 weeks estimated completion date. Dang. That puts it in mid-September, and oddly close to International Talk Like a Pirate Day – I guess that’s cool but it sucks that it’ll take so long. The only possible positive is they often are able to do jobs faster than anticipated so it might be a bit faster, Arrrr – just don’ be holdin’ yer breath matey.

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Is it fall already? Apparently so! Pumpkin Spice Caramel and Eggnog 21 meal bags now available!

Some people are really excited about Pumpkin Spice Caramel Keto Chow (we think Kristina is adorable BTW),

Personally, I’m more excited about the Eggnog =) Regardless of where you stand on the debate, it’s like the holidays came early today! Both Eggnog and Pumpkin Spice Caramel just passed quality control and are available right NOW. This actually is a big moment: ALL of the 18 flavors are now in stock and available in the big bags and everything but Chocolate Peanut Butter is available in the samples. I’m super stoked!

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Cookies and Cream 2.1.1 Now in Stock!

We just received a new shipment of Cookies and Cream 21 meal bags. Interestingly, this shipment is the first v2.1.1 Keto Chow we’ve gotten (we switched protein to one that doesn’t have sunflower lecithin and tastes a tiny bit better, Chris is the only one that can tell the difference).

Eggnog 21 meal packs are currently in packaging and should be arriving Monday or so with Pumpkin Spice Caramel later that week or the week after.

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Fixed Savory Chicken Soup Keto Chow now in stock

In case you missed it, we received a bunch of the Savory Chicken Soup (you mix it up HOT and you can use butter!) some time ago that had extra riboflavin to make it more yellow. The problem was: that also gave it a metallic aftertaste for some of our users. Now we have the fixed version back in stock in the large 21 meal bags. It’s the same stuff that’s in the samples.

We’ve had people doing all kinds of things with the Savory Chicken Soup – adding veggies, using it to replace cream of chicken soup in recipes, adding hot sauce and chicken. Most just add some salt and maybe some pepper to get it to where they like it and call it good but we’d love to hear what YOU do with it!

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Keto Chow 2.1 Availability Update: Chicken, Cookies&Cream, Eggnog, and Pumpkin

Just wanted to give an update on what’s going on with the out of stock flavors:

  • Savory Chicken Soup (reformulation) will be going into production on Monday – that likely means we will be getting it a week later around August 20
  • Cookies & Cream will be starting right after, so expect it the following week
  • Eggnog and Pumpkin Spice Caramel are set to do their initial runs following Cookies and Cream. I expect we will see the large 21 meal bags of those arriving right near the end of August or beginning of September.
  • The Chocolate Peanut Butter samples are still likely coming near the end of August.
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Large 21 meal bags of Root Beer Float Keto Chow now available

It’s the day I’ve long awaited: Root Beer Float Keto Chow in the large bags is now available. Root Beer is one of my favorite flavors of all time and it was at the top of my list for flavors I wanted to get into Keto Chow 2.1. What does it taste like? According to Buddy R.: Root Beer Bottlecaps candy, I agree =).

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Natural Strawberry (sweetened with monk fruit) now available in the 21 meal bags

We actually got the Natural Strawberry yesterday but I didn’t have a chance to do a blog post about it then, didn’t want the weekend to pass without making the official announcement!  The smaller samples came in earlier this week and now we have the large 21 meal “week” bags. The Natural Strawberry is the same flavor and everything else as our regular Strawberry but it uses pure monk fruit as the sweetener instead of pure sucralose. We tested using monk fruit on all of the new flavors but the additional expense and difference in taste made us decide to start smaller and see how it goes.

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Snickerdoodle and Chocolate Mint Keto Chow 2.1 now available

To recap: the plan® for Keto Chow 2.1 was to get the 8 original flavors and launch right into the 10 new flavors in a specific order, with Chocolate Mint last because we had to revise it to get a stronger chocolate and a stronger mint flavor. We’re apparently completely off plan now: The Chocolate Mint is here and available. Snickerdoodle has also arrived. The last time we had Chocolate Mint was almost exactly two years ago in July 2016 – right about when we were launching Keto Chow 1.5. Snickerdoodle hasn’t been around since the transition to 2.0 about a year and a half ago.

Anyway, We have over 1000 of each so there’s plenty for everyone to get their fix!

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Orange Cream Keto Chow just randomly showed up

OK, we thought we might have gotten Orange Cream yesterday along with the Savory Chicken Soup but we didn’t – they didn’t even have it mixed up, let alone packaged into bags. I had assumed we wouldn’t see it for several weeks. Then I got a text from the delivery guy saying he was on his way with what I assumed was another thousand or so Chicken. He brought that, along with a pallet of Orange Cream! Hopefully this is a good sign that we’re going to randomly get a bunch of the other new flavors soon as well.

I just did an Instagram Live showing how to mix up Savory Chicken Soup – followed that up with a live QA test of the Orange Cream (it passed) so the Orange Cream is now up for sale and available on the site.

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