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KCOMAD20 – My plan for 2020: Doing One Keto Meal A Day or 3 Keto Chow

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Last year I started 2019 doing 100 days of only Keto Chow for all my meals. A lot of that was to prove it was viable as a sole source of nutrients to prove the haters wrong =) but I also did it to test out some theories about how different fats impact my cholesterol and triglyceride numbers. It was a really good experiment that yielded great data, I also missed eating brisket. This year I’m starting a different project, my plan is to either eat:

  • One Meal A Day (also known as OMAD)
  • 3 Keto Chow shakes

Without any snacking, no “cheating,” etc… I’m planning to make the 3 Keto Chow shakes the rule, rather than the exception with 60-75% of my days as Keto Chow only. Having the option of doing a large meal of keto food that isn’t Keto Chow allows me to still challenge myself while allowing flexibility for other keto foods when the occasion arises. Unlike last year I will not be the guy that’s drinking a shake when I cook ribs for Sunday dinner!

I’m also planning to do a daily (on weekdays, maybe on Saturdays) live stream on the Keto Chow Facebook page and Keto Chow YouTube channel – Planning on 9:15am Mountain, which is 11:15am Eastern, 10:15am Central, 8:15am Pacific. I checked the “Keto and Low Carb Live Stream” calendar on and was worried that there would be a conflict with Keto Connect’s daily Instagram live stream, then I remembered that all of the events on that are shown in Eastern time zone by default. Probably the easiest way to be reminded, if you want to watch the live streams, is to subscribe on Youtube and click the bell icon to be notified.

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#NoSnackNovember is on!

There are a lot of “No” in November things that go on, I like to shave the sides of my face so I’m not doing “noSHAVEmber”, and I think that one of my biggest obstacles is snacking. So I’m doing No Snack November. That means if I’m going to eat something, it has to be during a meal. No after dinner treats, mid-day stuff, etc…

There’s a popular belief that “we need lots of small meals throughout the day to keep our energy and metabolism up.” The biggest issue with that is there’s no science to back it up. So far as we can tell, it’s actually a marketing campaign by grain-based snack food companies trying to make us feel good about buying their products. It’s a “Factoid” which is defined as “an assumption or speculation that is reported and repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact.” To the contrary, every time you eat, there’s an insulin response and that keeps your body from using stored energy in the form of fat. The IDM Program has a great article that discusses the perils of snacking.

What you really need to do is limit the number of times you eat in a day. Even better is to go for a period of time without eating anything and then follow that up with eating. This is often referred to as “Intermittent Fasting” but is more properly known as “Time-Restricted Feeding”. You can read more about the benefits and methodology of IF/TRF on this excellent site. IDM has an article on TRF too.

So, the challenge is to go all of November without any snacking. Who’s with me?!

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Day 030 – 100 days of Keto (Chow)

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  • Weight: 209.4
  • Blood ketones: 0.2 mmol/L

Did a good job at sticking to just Keto Chow, though I could have been better. My parents came home from Hawaii and brought some macadamia nuts for me. The can had 4.5 servings and it’s already mostly gone =).

Today the plan is to do Intermittent Fasting (and spell checker says I finally remembered how to spell that on the first try); I only brought one meal with me today and I’ll drink that while I’m driving home. Yesterday I had to carry around a hydroflask everytime I went from one location to another so I’m just going to skip that today.

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