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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 81

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It’s a bit of a lazy Saturday today, we got up late (which isn’t to say I actually slept in – my brain started running at the normal time). The 100 days is still going great, yesterday I went to dinner with my wife and our friends, I had Coke Zero while they had some wings and Prime Rib. I also did an “all day of eating” video just for fun, I eat a lot of Keto Chow every day =)


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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 80

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Welcome everyone to day 80 of my 100 day experiment/challenge! I’m now 4/5 of the way through and going strong! I’m going to be heading in for a blood test this morning. I’m doing them at a new location that’s in a hospital. I was WAY early last week but took 15 minutes to find the office, so I ended up on-time after all. I did get last week’s blood tests back yesterday and I’ve updated the spreadsheet:

Yesterday evening I actually felt hungry for the first time in probably a month or longer. I think I was likely just thirsty. Often the signal for “you need to drink” comes through as “you should eat.” Still, it was interesting in that I hadn’t noticed the absence until it showed up suddenly. I’m wearing my Ketofest 2017 “coNfounder” t-shirt today, just wanted to remind everyone that the Kickstarter for Ketofest 2019 is going on right now – if you’re going to be around New England in July of 2019, you should really consider signing up. Last year was fantastic!

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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 79

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I’ve been informed that I need to highlight the positive aspects of doing the 100 days, which is funny because I thought I did that frequently. So here goes. So I’m on day 79 of 100 where I’m only eating Keto Chow for all of my meals. Every day people ask how many meals of Keto Chow I’m eating during the experiment, I blink at them a few times and say “3?” – Don’t know if they don’t believe me when I say “for all my meals” or what =) Sometimes they ask what I do between meals, “I don’t eat?” Not snacking between meals is one of the best parts, for me, about this whole thing. It’s a bit liberating to not be snacking on anything but diet soda (for the “keto police” that get all hot-and-bothered that I’m drinking diet soda: my average blood ketones for the last 30 days is 3.0, what’s yours? =). The sheer convenience of mixing up a bunch of Keto Chow once or twice a week and having all of my meals covered for the next several days is absolutely fantastic and one of the best parts of all of this. Last night, we were running a little late for a performance and I was able to just grab an Orange Cream Keto Chow I made previously and drank it while driving to the school. It’s also been very handy to have a liquid diet since getting a molar crowned – I gave up even trying to chew gum a few days ago because that just makes it sore. I did notice last night a return of an interesting phenomenon. In 2017 I did an experiment where I ONLY had Keto Chow for 4 weeks. No diet soda, no sugar-free gum, none of that. Near the end of it, the lack of chewing anything was starting to get old and there was the “film” that I kept feeling in my mouth – dunno if it was real or imagined but if I hadn’t had anything to drink for a while, my mouth felt like I just woke up and had a sort of film on my tongue and teeth. I’d brush or take a drink of water and it went away, a few hours later and it would be back. When I did my 42 days of Keto Chow in 2018 and was chewing sugar-free gum, I had no such experience. Not having had gum for several days, it kinda feels like that again. Interesting stuff, I figure my tooth will be fine in a few days and I’ll be back chewing gum when I feel like it.

Oh, and the weight loss these 79 days has been great too. That 1.1lbs I gained yesterday? Totally came back off this morning. I guess it’s probably time for me to don the zozo suit again and take some measurements, maybe I’ll do that Saturday morning.

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Facebook Live recording from March 19, 2019

It’s our weekly Facebook LIVE video. Each week we answer questions, talk about stuff that’s going on, and more! We had an absolutely fantastic time on our Facebook live with our special guest Caitlyn of Cayt’s Meats and Meals

Here is the high-quality UHD4K recording straight from the camera:

Here is the original Facebook live recording, complete with the user comments

Keto Chow weekly Facebook LIVE

Our weekly live broadcast, this week we have Cayt's Meats and Meals as our special guest! * Welcome to Special guest Caitlyn! * Caitlyn wants to know what everyone's favorite things to cook on the grill or outside are * Caitlyn shares her bacon compound butter recipe * Caitlyn teaches how to smoke cheese * Chris is sad that he isn't eating smoked meat right now * 10 year old Caitlyn makes beef jerky under her bed * Women did the smoking since ancient times * Caitlyn shares her keto journey * Talking about the (not) necessity of eating vegetables * Chris explains why he isn't eating smoked meat, the 100 days of Keto Chow experimentCaitlyn teaches cooking classes in collaboration with Camp Chef, shares her philosophy on practical cooking * * Miriam asks: are you disappointed in restaurant steaks now? * Temperature, thermometers, and more. Cooking pork to 145 and what a "Reverse Sear" is. * Smoke your meat cold * Searing techniques * Seasonings and wood * Texas Crutch vs better bark, sauce vs no sauce * Online learning resources * Cooking Bacon on a pellet grill/smoker, talking about candied bacon. Cooking everything on a pellet grill. * Caitlyn talks about cutting a corned beef brisket in her bathrobe being her most popular video to date. * Tips on starting, don't get discouraged * Dates of Caitlyn's Utah classes * Keto Chow announcements: Pumpkin Spice is 20% off * Use your hand to gauge how done a steak is

Posted by Keto Chow on Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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Beverly’s Week 11 (Week 5 of Science)

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My 100-day experiment of eating “only Keto Chow” continues with today being Day 78!!  We are well into the final quarter of the challenge.  When hearing Chris say in today’s video that there are 22 days remaining, I felt like “only 22 days”?  Wow, this is really almost finished.  Three weeks is nothing compared to 14!  At this point, I feel I could continue indefinitely.  This has once again become a comfortable habit and routine for me (I have done this before and for longer than this!).  However, I am certainly looking forward to incorporating a few of my favorite keto meals into each week.  My neglected husband probably can’t remember the last time we ate out together, and I know we will both be looking forward to that.  I honestly can’t remember the last time we ate out either.  We went out to eat a few times during the first month (well, he ate and I drank a beverage) but we have not been out recently.  I find myself contemplating which meal (or meals) I will enjoy that first weekend… sausage and cheese omelet, pizza toppings, buffalo wings, chef salad, cheeseburger, taco toppings, grilled chicken caesar salad?

This week was the first week of the science phase using MCT oil.  This ingredient has posed no problems or challengers for me.  I notice absolutely no difference between using avocado oil and now using avocado oil and MCT oil.  For each 3 shakes, I use 6 tablespoons of oil to get the right amount of calories for me.  So for this phase of the experiment, I am replacing 1 tablespoon of those 6 with MCT oil.  I have not noticed any change in energy level nor any digestion concerns (I am still taking a probiotic).  There is no flavor difference.  The only thing I have noticed is my daily ketone level has increased significantly.  This number is not necessarily important to me but I do find it interesting.  I have never seen readings in the 3s before.

Week 1 of science with cream: 2.5
Week 2 of science with cream: 2.7
Week 1 of science with avocado oil: 2.5
Week 2 of science with avocado oil: 2.8
Week 1 of science with avocado oil & MCT oil: 3.2

So what will the average be next week?
What will the average be while on butter?
I am curious.

My personal dietary journey this week has not varied.  I am a creature of habit (aren’t we all?).   I eat the majority of my 1200 calories between 4:00-8:00 p.m.  I do allow myself one 16 oz. coffee with 1 tablespoon heavy cream (50 calories) in the morning, and I drink bouillon pretty much any time I want to (5 calories per cube).  I drink lots of diet soda and sparkling water.  I go to yoga 3 or 4 times each week.

My weight loss remains at exactly -15 pounds as of Tuesday morning (same as last week) but I did see -16.8 pounds a day or two ago so I continue to be hopeful to keep going in that direction but I am not holding my breath.  It is very likely that my body is finding the final weight where it wants to stop losing.  I have heard that can happen.  Or maybe it is just “pausing” again before the next stretch.  Time will tell.

My dear husband is traveling on business this week so I have enjoyed a few quiet evenings alone at home watching movies he might not want to watch.  As always, I enjoy my mug of warmed Keto Chow as my last meal of every day.  I call it my daily “dessert”.  It is thick and rich – I slowly eat it with a spoon, savoring every bit.  This week, I have been loving on the Snickerdoodle flavor.  I have found that cinnamon does not mix in well if I add it right before drinking my shake so, instead, I add an extra amount of cinnamon while the shake mixture is in the blender and it’s perfect!

My husband and I have a weekend away planned for March 29.  I had been thinking in my mind all along that I would still be on oil as my fat source so I would just have my pre-mixed shakes ready to go the night before to put in my lunch box like last time we traveled.  But… uh, oh… March 29 will be Day 1 of using BUTTER as my fat source.  This will not be as easy as I thought – I can’t pre-mix shakes with butter!  So I called the hotel to inquire if a refrigerator and microwave were provided in each room.  Good thing I called because those items were NOT already included.  (Really?!)  For a fee of $20 each, they can be reserved and added to the room.  So, whatever.  I will pay another $40 per night since both items will be necessary as I will be making my shakes on-site at meal times.  I am looking forward to the two-week butter phase though.  Not only will it signal the closing of this experiment, but I think it will be delicious!

100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 78

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We had an absolutely fantastic time on our Facebook live last night with our special guest Caitlyn of Cayt’s Meats and Meals, I’ll have the UHD4K recording uploaded to YouTube later today. A bunch of her followers joined the broadcast so I had to explain why I was crazy and not eating smoked meat for the first 100 days of 2019 =) We did announce at the end of the live that we’re going to double-down on this week’s “Flavor of the week” and we changed the Pumpkin Spice Caramel to 20% off. If you, or someone you know, are a “basic white girl” and loves that pumpkin spice – now is the time to stock up. Get 4 of any flavor of the 21 meal bags and there’s an additional 5% discount. I believe the expiration date on the back of the bags is August 2020.

The 100-day experiment/challenge/lunacy of eating only Keto Chow for all my meals is still going exceptionally well. My newly crowned tooth from last week is still hurting if I chew gum or drink something cold so I’m going to just lay-off the sugar-free gum for a while, again: this was good timing. Oddly enough, even though I’m eating the same amount of calories and the same food every day; the scale showed me going UP about a pound today. I’m sure it’ll come back off tomorrow (water is as water does!) but it’s interesting never the less.

On a side note: January is typically our biggest month… until March comes around which is our biggest month… until July comes around (and so forth). Anyhow, January: it’s important that we have inventory on-hand in January for the surge that comes with the new year resolutions because otherwise, it sucks. BUT, there’s a reason that companies do “inventory reduction” sales in December. As a “pass-through” tax entity (LLC filing as an S-Corp), any on-hand inventory that Keto Chow has on December 31 is passed through TO ME as straight income, just like it was cash sitting in my bank account. It’s like an awesome “bonus”… of taxes. It all works out in the end eventually since that’s money I will not be taxed on for 2019, but it’s still no fun to cover right now. Added bonus: I get to pay estimated tax on that “income” every quarter of 2019 too!

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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 77

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Well, I am feeling MUCH better today. I still am not feeling well enough to do the workout, which is a shame since we got pretty close to never missing a day of our P90 workout routine, even when we went to Denver we still did it.

I keep forgetting that I’m having new people find these posts and videos so let me sum up what I’m doing: I’m eating only Keto Chow for all of my meals every day. That means 3 meals a day. I’m not taking any other vitamin supplements. I am taking the Omega 3 pills that are recommended if you are eating only Keto Chow (since that’s not included). I’m also taking some magnesium and melatonin at night. I do chew sugar-free gum and occasionally eat a few pickles, mostly for the salt. All of my calories are coming in the form of Keto Chow.

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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 76

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Yesterday was the 3/4 mark for my 100 days of eating only Keto Chow for all my food every day. As of this morning, I’m down 38.2lbs, I cut 2 inches off my belt, I’ve lost 4 inches from my lower waist, 1.25 inches from my neck (and 1.25 from my “Upper Arm Right” among other places =). The experiment is still going really well, though I did come down with a cold over the weekend (apparently I’m one of the cool kids since a bunch of other people got sick following Low Carb Denver). Being sick the last few days hasn’t been fun at all, doesn’t have anything to do with the experiment though. Remember, if you need to sneeze: you should sneeze into the back of your knee =)

On Saturday we had our monthly Utah Keto Meat-Up. If you’re not close enough to come to ours, see if there’s one in your local area. If there isn’t one, make one! That’s what I did a year and a half ago, mostly because all of the ones that were nearby had only met twice and were sponsored by MLM exogenous ketone sellers. I took a few photos and counted how many people came, I think there were 38-41 people in attendance. We might need to move to a larger space if this keeps up! Next meet-up I won’t be only having Keto Chow, guess it’ll be time for me to smoke another brisket =)

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100 Days of Keto (Chow) Day 75

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Wow, I didn’t realize I was officially at the 3/4 mark until I was talking about it at dinner tonight. Only 25 days left. As customary on a Sunday, this is a really short post, I’ll probably wax philosophical about it all more tomorrow. Enjoy your night!

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