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🍫🥜 Sample size of Chocolate Peanut Butter now available

Chocolate Peanut Butter sample after testing

Been wanting to try Chocolate Peanut Butter Keto Chow but didn’t want to get a full 21-meal package? Today you can order the sample size! Note that the packaging is quite different: it may LOOK like a protein bar, it’s not =)

I honestly didn’t think this day would ever arrive. The last time we had samples of Chocolate Peanut Butter was version 2.0.0 (nearly 2 years ago) because the fat in the peanut flour would clog the packaging machine. The key to ultimate success was going BACK to the same style packaging we used so long ago but abandoned for the more “looks like a packet of protein powder” style we currently use. One of the reasons we switched to the other style packaging for the rest of the flavors is that this style causes a lot of confusion – people think it’s a protein bar and we will be getting that question again. I’ll take fielding those questions over the “why don’t you have Chocolate Peanut Butter samples?!!” questions we have gotten daily for the last 2 years (which is understandable – since it’s amazing!).

We will not be putting these into any of the bundles for a few months. This was done as a small run “proof of concept” to see if it would work (one of a half dozen such tests that were unsuccessful, until this one!) and we don’t have enough of them to put into the bundles. A larger quantity is in process but will take several months to arrive. I expect we will have sufficient quantity to put into the bundles by August or September 2020. Until then, they are available for purchase separately.

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Happy day: Chocolate Keto Chow is back in stock (and with a larger scoop!)

We just got in a new batch of Chocolate Keto Chow. This particular shipment comes with a change: the scoop is bigger. To get the absolute most accurate measurement of your Keto Chow, it’s best to use a scale to weigh it; that’s actually what happens to the samples of Keto Chow, each one is weighed and must be within 3% of the target. Scales are far more accurate than trying to cram the powder in just right to get the correct mass. When I did a test of the v2.1 chocolate to the new 2.5 chocolate to check for differences in the taste, the biggest takeaway was that the 90cc scoops we had been using were only yielding an average 45g compared to the 48.96g it should give – to handle that change we’re now using 100cc scoops in the chocolate.

Heading image is Samantha Dillard’s Chocolate Peppermint Fudge – one of many recipes you can make with Chocolate Keto Chow

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Savory Soups sample bundle now available

We’ve had the four savory soup samples for some time that you could order individually but we were waiting to get the bags to make the bundles. Turns out they came 2 weeks ago and were put into the back corner without telling me. Oops!

The bundles for the savory soups are now available! It comes in a cool bag *AND* you save a whopping $1.25 over ordering the samples individually because we can make a bunch at the same time, efficiencies of scale and all that (which is also the reason you cannot customize what’s in the sample bundles). Anyhow, you can order them right now.

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New Packaging for Keto Chow Base Powder

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We just received the new packaging for the Base Powder with the new logo and the 2.5 version number. What’s changed? The package, that’s it.

Let’s talk about what the Base Powder is:

  • The Base Powder is all of the “esoteric” ingredients in Keto Chow, everything except for protein, flavor, and sweetener. Often these ingredients can be difficult or impossible to locate, especially outside the United States.
  • You take 14g of the Base Powder and add your choice of protein to make Keto Chow.

Ok, so why would you use the Base Powder instead of getting the full mix?

  • The #1 ingredient in Keto Chow is the protein powder. It takes up more volume and weighs more than any other ingredient. Eliminate the protein and suddenly you can fit 5x as many “weeks” in the same shipping package. For international shipping, this is a huge deal. You’d find some protein locally and not have to pay shipping for that.
  • If you don’t like one of the components of the sweetener, protein, or flavor in the full mix; the Base Powder allows you to use whichever protein powder with whatever sweetener you like. Want unflavored protein? Less sweetener? No Sweetener? Just Stevia? Something besides whey protein? The Base Powder is a likely solution for you.
  • Going back to the previous point, we get a lot of varied requests for customized Keto Chow – almost all of them can be covered with the Base Powder. It’s super flexible and allows us to keep the product line simple(er).

Now, the Base Powder isn’t for everyone – if you use it you should be prepared to do a fair amount of math to determine how much protein powder you should use since most protein powders vary on their nutrient profiles. If in doubt, use Cron-o-meter. The Base Powder is in the Cron-o-meter database already, then you’d just add your protein powder to a “recipe” (along with how much fat you’re using) and you’re good to go. The regular full mix is easier to use, especially for new users, but if you have the desire to customize a bit, you can check out the Base Powder

A note about the version number in the Base Powder: The Base Powder for 1.9, 2.0, 2.1, and now 2.5 are nearly identical. We’re even using the same UPC barcode! So, if you have some older Base Powder, don’t get worked up that you don’t have the “latest” version. Now the question arises: why did we keep 2.5 Base Powder nearly identical? With 1.9 we used off-the-shelf protein powder that usually comes with additional thickening agents, flavor, and other ingredients. With 2.0+, we’re using our own flavorings, protein, and sweetener so we needed some additional “stuff” (potassium and xanthan gum to be specific). For people using the Base Powder with their own protein powder, the experience is going to be identical to 1.9 so we kept the formulation the same. If we used the real base powder from 2.5, it would mix up too thick with most protein powders.

You can buy 2.5 Base Powder here.

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