Coming Keto Conferences (and Festivals!)

We’ll be going to a variety of Keto centric conventions, conferences, festivals, and such this coming year. To start it off, today only (April 20) you can get $100 off a conference pass to KetoCon in Austin Texas (June 15-17, 2018). You need to use the coupon code 3DAY100 when buying a 3 day pass:

KetoCon 2018 Twitter Promo

OK, so That’s KetoCon in June, just like last year Keto Chow will be there as a vendor. A month before that (May 20), Miriam will be on the Low Carb Cruise.

In late July we’ll be at KetoFest – we went last year and it was a blast, this year we were invited to be vendors so we will be kicking sampling Keto Chow 2.1. A few weeks later is Low Carb USA San Diego – this one we’ll just be attending for fun.

Next year we will be doing FitCon here in Utah again. It was really nice to do this show since it was local to us, we just drove down the freeway to the other side of town!

People ask us if the shows are successful. That depends on the metric you’re looking at. Do we sell enough product to break even? Haven’t ever once. Do we get to meet a lot of cool people, make new friends, and “network”? Yes – and that’s my criteria for success. We met doctors using keto to treat their patients, professional rugby players that use a ketogenic diet, MMA trainers that have all their students doing keto. We got to hang out (and have dinner with) the Keto Kookie, Keto Mojo, Heads-up-Health, and Ketolent crews. It was pretty awesome and this was just a fitness expo – dedicated keto events are usually even better.

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KetoFest 2018 update – Live Stream Access option added (only 5 days left to sign up!)

I posted last week about KetoFest 2018 – since then they’ve added a “Live Stream Access” pass for $100.

This reward gives you access to the live stream during Ketofest Science Sunday, and possibly the cooking demos on Social Saturday if we can figure out the tech! You also get to download the Powerpoint slides. This reward also includes a T-shirt.

If you can’t physically come to the event (July 20-22 in New London, Connecticut), this is a great way to get access to the content remotely. The KetoFest Kickstarter only has 5 days left and is (as of this writing) at $71,007 of its $80,000 goal. I’m really happy to say that a nice portion of that $71k has been pledged by Keto Chow. Carl messaged me last week and asked if we wanted to be sponsors, we were already planning on going and had tickets to the VIP dinner, now we’re going to have a booth at the Social Saturday and Science Sunday events! The sooner the Kickstarter passes the 80k mark, the sooner I can book the airplane tickets and accommodations =)

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KetoFest 2018 – Coming up this July in Connecticut

Richard and Carl of the “2 Keto Dudes” Podcast hosted a really great keto conference last year (which we attended) nearby Carl’s home in New London, Connecticut. They’re planning on doing it again this year on July 20-22 – but it will only happen if enough people sign up for the Kickstarter to make it happen. They’re at 66% of their goal with 11 days left.

If you are near that area and want to attend (or you’re like us and are planning on attending, despite living on the other side of the country) please check out their campaign. There are only 15 of the “VIP Party” slots left – we missed out on that last year; we’re stoked to be going this time.

We’re also going to be at KetoCon in Austin, Texas – June 15-17 if that’s close to home for you.

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Ketofest was a blast

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We returned from Ketofest yesterday morning, very early yesterday morning, from Connecticut by way of New York City. There were the usual multiple hour delays, both coming and going – at least my traveling companion was enjoyable to be with =). We attended Ketofest just as regular people, rather than trying to be a vendor – which was a good thing as it let us learn from others. That said, it was impossible to miss us: the Keto Chow t-shirts were a bit obvious

The “Keto Food Pyramid” was something I put together a few months ago, planning to put it on the back of a shirt – but the project kinda died with all the problems we had with Keto Chow 2.0 production. Last week I decided it would be a good idea to have them for Ketofest, so I ordered 6 (3 for each of us) from Vistaprint and had them before the end of the week; though at $18 each (delivered) they’re not really viable for selling – we are working on having a couple hundred made with on a dark gray shirt instead of white. We got a lot of compliments on the pyramid and the shirts, it was a good conversation starter though I’m not sure how many people noticed that the base of the pyramid was Keto Chow =)

We did bring a bunch of chocolate Keto Chow samples – they were handy to have when we talked to people about what we do: “here’s my business card, and here’s a sample of Keto Chow – you mix it with heavy cream and it makes a complete meal.”


Anyhow – Ketofest. Friday we flew from Salt Lake to JFK (2 hour delay) and then drove to New London, CT. New London was right in the middle between New York and Boston, there were more flight at better times at JFK so we went with that. Fun fact about New London: even on a Friday night, EVERYTHING shuts down at 10 PM – this was a problem because we planned on grabbing some heavy cream on the way. Turns out there was a 24 hour Super Walmart just outside New London but we didn’t find that until Saturday morning. I mixed up some Keto Chow with water, stuck it in the fridge and we went to sleep. Next morning we grabbed some heavy cream, added it to the previously mixed Keto Chow and headed off to Ketofest.

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]

There were some issues with the registration bags (they were sorted by first name – oops!) but we got to meet a bunch of great people and it was surreal having everyone around already know what keto is!

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]


Ketofest consisted of 2 days: “Social Saturday” and “Science Sunday”. The majority of Saturday was cooking classes, eating fatty meat (a 250lb pig brought in and roasted by a local pig farm – I can imagine Carl calling the place: “yeah we want the fattest pig you have and when it’s cut up we want ALL the fat left on it, can you bring extra fat?”), and hanging out.

The cooking classes were in a “Maker Space” where you have a commercial kitchen, a wood shop, 3d printers, laser cutters and more (I would have LIVED in a place like that as a kid), it was REALLY hot in there until I plugged in the big fan and got a cross-breeze going. Richard was helping Brenda make her famous pork rind waffles:

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]

We hadn’t signed up to taste the waffles and it was standing room only, but I’ve made them myself so no big loss. They did have left over Smoked Salmon Asparagus Frittata that we got to try (my wife made more last night for dinner!). Fiorella’s Polenta Poppers were good enough that my wife made those last night for dinner too. We left before Richard started his “Pulled Beef 6-ways” where he was doing a speed-run of 6 different uses of frozen pulled beef:

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]

We headed off to the plaza to eat some roast pig

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]

While there we bought some keto bagels and then it was back to the cooking classes, they had some left over beef that was really good, and then we watched how to make some lemon cake (which was fantastic):

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]

Following that, we went on a Segway tour of New London, ate at Hot Rod’s (Cajun dry rub wings for me, prime rib for my wife and a pint jar of bacon for an appetizer). Then it was time for the movie at the Garde Theater:

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]

Ivor Cummings had secured permission for us to watch “The Widowmaker” – he’s been helping David Bobbett (the guy who funded the movie) get the word out. Powerful movie. After the movie I was walking behind a bunch of people who were talking about the science behind the coronary calcification test, they joined up with a bunch of people in the lobby talking science. I saw Dave Feldman so I went to say “Hi” but I didn’t want to interrupt the conversation. I’m glad I didn’t, I was standing in a circle comprised of a veritable cornucopia of doctors, scientists, and nutrition geeks – some of the biggest names in LCHF: Ivor Cummings, Jeffry Gerber, Dave Feldman, and some others that I don’t have the face matched up to the name =)

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]

I’m actually a bit sad that I didn’t record the conversation. It’s the sort of thing that should have been a panel discussion with everyone on stage.

The next morning we headed back to the Garde to bask in science. We got to talk to Dave Feldman again, he even posed for a “Keto Chow Group Shot” with his own blender bottle of Keto Chow =)

[vrview img=”” width=”100%” ]

The speakers were awesome, my wife got to meet Megan Ramos and I got to talk to her husband Angel (who was standing off to the side, eclipsed by the notoriety of Megan, but he’s doing some cool stuff in nutrition too!). There was some excellent food to be had and I would have loved to stay and see all the presentations but we had to drive back to New York and Google was saying it was a 2-3.5 hour drive (that’s a pretty large window!) ended up being about 2.75 – but don’t worry: the plane sat at the gate for an extra hour waiting for a fuel form!

I had 2 samples of Keto Chow left in my cargo pockets. The driver of the parking shuttle saw our Keto Chow shirts and asked us what that was about, said he was always having a hard time finding keto food he could eat that was easy and portable (ha, seriously?!). He got those last two samples =)

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