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Miriam and Chris on the WHOLE Athlete Podcast with Debbie Potts

Some time ago, Miriam and I (Chris) recorded a podcast with Debbie Potts – who we met on the Low Carb Cruise. She wanted us to come on and talk about the Keto Salt Lake conference, as well as Keto Chow and other fun topics. You can find the recording in a few places:

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Be Well, Be Keto Podcast Guest Interview

Be Well Be Keto Logo

“Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results”
is the tagline of this popular podcast by Tracee Gluhaich.

And Chris and Miriam were interviewed on a recent episode of the Be Well, Be Keto podcast. If you aren’t familiar with Tracee, she is an expert in ketogenic lifestyle. She loves helping women (and men) boost energy, burn fat and banish brain fog. She inspires her listeners to try the keto diet to heal their gut and be more efficient at the gym. Tracee is also a mom, a wife and an Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer who lives on an organic farm in California.

Check out the episode here.

Tracee can be found online:


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Chris on the Keto Geek Podcast

Tuesday, I had the honor of recording an episode of the KetoGeek podcast. It all came about because I had listened to the KetoGeek Podcast episode with Dave and Siobahn and decided, hey, I should order some of those “infamous” energy pods… So I did. When it arrived, there was a hand-written note from Fahad (the founder and guy that does the podcast) thanking me for the order and noting that he used Keto Chow back when he first started keto. I looked it up, he was one of our earlier subscribers (incidentally, that option is coming back with a vengeance in about a week if I can get the negotiated rates with UPS down enough) way back at the beginning of 2016.

Anyhow, he invited me on the podcast and it was posted late Wednesday night:

On an aside, at the end of the recording, I promised to create a Keto Chow facebook group. I did =) You can find it at https://www.facebook.com/groups/ketochowsupport/

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5 days, 3 podcast appearances

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It’s been a bit of a fun week. On Sunday, Keto Connect posted their Keto For Normies episode interviewing Chris and Miriam. On Tuesday, Jimmy Moore posted a Livin La Vida Low Carb podcast with Chris. On Thursday, Daisy Brackenhall posted a Keto Woman Podcast episode with Miriam. Some of the podcasts were recorded several weeks ago, it was just a big coincidence that they all went live at (almost) the same time. For those wondering: we don’t have any new appearances scheduled but we’re happy to come on your podcast if you’d like =)

All I can say: I’m so glad we already had Keto Chow 2.1 in stock before the episodes went up! =)

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Chris on the FanPress podcast – the history of Keto Chow, nutrition, and more

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This podcast was recorded a while ago (January 28, 2018 to be specific), took Steve a while to get it posted – probably because it went kinda REALLY long. I have to say: this is by far one of my favorite podcast interviews so far. Steve let me (over) indulge myself and give a rather complete history of Keto Chow and my journey thus far. It was also nice to be talking to someone who really likes what I’m doing. I just checked my email and I have one from him way back from May 2015! This one will be tough to beat. It goes on rather long at nearly an hour and a half but if you’re up for it, I recommend checking it out!


Guests on another great Keto podcast: Ketonian Korner

Miriam and I (Chris) were guests on another awesome Keto podcast a while ago and it was posted yesterday: Interview with Chris and Miriam Bair Keto Chow

I should have posted about this yesterday but ran out of time with everything going on (live broadcast, replacing the fat in my Keto Chow with candy for an experiment, finalizing packaging for Keto Chow 2.1)

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