Savory Soups sample bundle now available

We’ve had the four savory soup samples for some time that you could order individually but we were waiting to get the bags to make the bundles. Turns out they came 2 weeks ago and were put into the back corner without telling me. Oops!

The bundles for the savory soups are now available! It comes in a cool bag *AND* you save a whopping $1.25 over ordering the samples individually because we can make a bunch at the same time, efficiencies of scale and all that (which is also the reason you cannot customize what’s in the sample bundles). Anyhow, you can order them right now.

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It’s Sample Time BABY!

We just finished quality testing, the samples are ready to go!

It’s been a long wait and the day has finally arrived. We have the samples for all of our flavors EXCEPT for Chocolate Peanut Butter. That guy is still causing problems for the packaging machine (the fat in the peanut flour makes it jam the feed auger, if you must know) anyhow, we have the individual samples of 17 flavors, plus the sample bundles available.

Go get some samples NOW!

The Bundles are a great way to try out the different flavors of Keto Chow, plus you get a discount compared to buying the samples individually. There are two different bundles: The Original Flavors and the NEW Flavors. You could accomplish the same thing by going to the Keto Chow Samples page and ordering each one individually, but that isn’t as cool.

7 Original Flavors (plus a Keto Chow branded Blender Bottle):

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Salted Caramel
  • Mocha
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Blender Bottle

10 NEW Flavors:

  • Snickerdoodle
  • Raspberry Cheesecake
  • Rootbeer Float
  • Natural Strawberry
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Toffee
  • Orange Cream
  • Savory Chicken Soup
  • Pumpkin Spice Caramel
  • Eggnog
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Update on Sample Availability: Orange, Mint, Toffee, and Peanut Butter, in particular – Late November

Yes, that’s a sad panda. The Chocolate Peanut Butter samples are still having severe issues with packaging. The packaging company tried for a 4th time to get it to run late last week and was again unsuccessful. At this point, I’m actually looking into going back to the old “stick pack” packaging just to get Peanut Butter working.

As for the other flavors: many of them we have a good number in stock, and some we’ve even received our second order so we have super awesome inventory levels. But a number are getting low and we’ve earmarked the remaining amounts to go into the variety bundles until they run out. The following are out of stock in the individual sample size and will, in the coming month, probably be removed from the samplers too (with the price lowered accordingly):

  • Orange Cream
  • Rootbeer Float we ended up getting some of this out of the blue
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Chocolate Toffee
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter

All are in-stock and available in the larger 21 meal packages, just not the samples.

The mixed powder is over at the packaging place, but got there a day late to be packaged along with the other batch. We are on the schedule to have it packaged sometime in late November. That said, they’ve done a really good job of fitting us in and getting it done early. Until then, I expect I’ll have this page saved to my frequently used response templates so I can easily communicate when we are expecting to get them in stock.

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Keto Chow 2.1 Chocolate Peanut Butter Samples – delayed again, no end in sight

We were expecting to get the Chocolate Peanut Butter samples on September 19. That’s not going to happen.

The facility doing the packaging had previously run into problems packaging the Chocolate Peanut Butter (the fat in the peanut flour kept it from flowing properly into the packages). The plan was to mix it and try again but we were shoved to the back of the line to wait our turn on the machine again. Surprisingly, they got us in before Sept. 19 and tried to run the Chocolate Peanut Butter. Unfortunately, they still had problems. So we’re going to mix it up again and try a third time… in a few weeks after we get back to the front of the line.

I hate to give an estimated date but everyone will insist on getting one, even if it’s meaningless and based on wild conjecture. So let’s say: The Peanut Butter Samples are expected on October 31 at 14:36 Mountain time.

Until then, you can approximate the Chocolate Peanut Butter by adding about a teaspoon of powdered peanut butter to the Chocolate Keto Chow.


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Chocolate Toffee and (most of) the 2.1 Samples are now available!

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We actually got in Chocolate Toffee this morning but didn’t do an announcement until we had the samples in-hand and available so we could announce both at the same time (otherwise people who wanted both would have ordered just the Toffee and then been frustrated to have to do another other and get them combined, this is easier =)

So without further delay: we now have available the Chocolate Toffee (21 meal bag) plus we also have the individual samples of all the flavors except Chocolate Peanut Butter (there was a problem running it, they’re running it through the mixer again and we will try it at the next available slot in a week or two),  and lastly we the new variety bundle: Sample the New Things. The original sample bundle will be coming just as soon as we get the Chocolate Peanut Butter samples.

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Update on 2.1 Samples: likely coming Wednesday or Thursday

First, the good news: unless something goes really wrong, we will be getting our first shipment of the large bags of Chocolate Toffee (you know, like “Heath” bars?!). They’re already loaded on the truck for delivery so we should be good to go on that.

Now the “I’m still not quite sure” news: The Chocolate Peanut Butter samples went onto the packaging line today. As the final flavor of the 18, this is excellent news! Typically they’ve been taking a day and a half to run so they might be done late Tuesday, though a more likely scenario is Wednesday morning. The most likely scenario is that we’ll be able to start picking them up either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning. I expect it’ll take 2-3 trips with the big box truck to get them all onsite. Stay tuned for further updates!

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Update on 2.1 Samples: Scheduled to be finished on Tuesday, July 31

I just got word from the place that’s packaging the 2.1 samples: they are expecting to be finished running the final few flavors on Tuesday, July 31. I’ve been estimating that we would get the samples by the end of July, that’s cutting it pretty close! I’m not sure just yet if that means we will actually get some of them on Tuesday or if we will have to wait until Wednesday to get them. I’m guessing we’re looking at somewhere along the lines of 30+ pallets of samples coming in at the same time, that’ll be fun =)

Anyway, As soon as we get the samples, I’ll do a Quality Assurance test (with all 18 flavors!) and then we can get them up as individual packages and as the sample bundles on the store. Expect to see a few more posts about this next week =)

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Limited number of pre-production individual samples of 2.0 available

We have a bunch of samples of Keto Chow 2.0, all of the flavors except Vanilla. As such we can’t make any of the “Sample all the things!” bundles until we get the vanilla. So, instead of sitting on them, we’re putting them up for sale. It’s a limited pre-production run and supplies are limited (4 peanut butter, but 31 Salted Caramel!) – unlike the final versions, these are packaged in clear resealable bags (see image at top).

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Keto Chow 2.0 Samples and “Day” packages, where are they?

TL;DR: there will be no “Day” packs of Keto Chow 2.0 – just get three samples; except that we don’t yet have the samples yet, because: reasons.

With Keto Chow 2.0 being manufactured in a commercial facility there were some changes to the product line that needed to be made. One of the decisions we had to make was about the 3 meal “day” packs. Having 3 sizes per flavor is… well… 50% more than having 2 (I can Math!) and having more products adds complexity and diminishes economies of scale. So instead of having Day packs, the plan was that we would price the individual meal (samples) low enough that you could buy 3 for close to the cost of the “day” package. By doing this we could aggregate the quantities for the samples and days together and the aforementioned economies of scale would kick in – if it costs 1x each to make 2000, then it costs around 0.6x to make 56,000. That sort of thing.

So with that plan in mind, we ordered the packaging material to make really a lot of samples. We were supposed to be getting samples of each flavor as each flavor became available and all would be well. Except that didn’t happen (as you may have noticed – we don’t have any samples of Keto Chow 2.0 right now).

The machine that forms the packaging is having problems with the printed plastic film – specifically the flat sheet is formed around a metal horn and then sealed into a long tube, and as the film goes past the metal former it’s dragging on the metal and breaking. Right now we have a few dozen samples but nothing like what we need. Here’s a video that shows how stick packaging is supposed to work:

Cool right? Except when it doesn’t work =( So the plan now is to reprint the packaging on a different film, we’re supposed to be getting the packager and printer together to determine what media to use so we can get things rolling as soon as possible, hopefully we can have some progress this week and maybe get something in by mid June. The saddest part is the $7800.40 worth of printed film that’s useless – maybe I can use it as 6 inch wide wrapping paper for the next 200-300 years.

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