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Closed Monday in Honor of Memorial Day

In honor of Memorial Day, we will be closed on Monday, May 25th. We appreciate all who served or have served us and make sacrifices for our freedom, Thank you!

Just a reminder that because we are not open, we will not be shipping that day; and none of the mail carriers (USPS, UPS, etc…) will be moving packages. An order placed on Friday afternoon will not actually ship until Tuesday, even if it’s a “next day air” package. Please be aware of this constraint when placing orders over the next few days.


And did you know we have a military and first responder discount? Keto Chow is happy to offer a 5% discount off your order total through GovX ID. This offer is available for all US active-duty military, veterans, military families, first responders, and government employees. To redeem your discount, visit our website at for instructions and more.

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Happy US Independence Day

For any that forgot: we are closed on July 4th. So is the US Post Office, and UPS. We will not be shipping anything out tomorrow and it also doesn’t count as a transit day for delivery times.

If you have the opportunity, enjoy some time with your family. Around here we will be spending time with our family by all working together to get ready for our move to the new warehouse this weekend.

Image by SharpWriter – seriously, go check out his stuff

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The Fate of the Top Secret Product

To start off: the RTD and the regular Chocolate powder you mix from the bag are EXACTLY the same thing – just one was mixed with 41% heavy cream and pasteurized. Frankly, I like it better mixed by me with salted butter.

Keto Connect just did a review of the “Top Secret Product” prototype we had manufactured back in November 2018. For those unaware: it was a “Ready to Drink” version of Keto Chow with the fat already mixed in, shelf stable for a year, 50% of your daily nutrients in each bottle, cool stuff. We had it made by a local(ish) company but they only had two sizes available:

  • Teeny tiny juice box size – would give you 1/6 of your daily nutrients
  • Massively gigantor 32oz size – half a day’s nutrients

With a ketogenic diet, it’s simply better to eat fewer times during the day – small frequent meals and/or snacking can stall you out and only serves to keep insulin elevated throughout the day. We decided on the big bottle with 1000 calories in it since it more closely aligns with what I would consider a better eating pattern.

I want to pause for a second and point something out: a 1 quart container of regular 2% chocolate milk has 780 calories with 95g of sugars, 19g of fat, 30g of protein. I think it’s odd that most people would think there’s nothing weird at all about someone drinking a 32oz bottle of chocolate milk, but just about faint when they would read the nutrition info on the RTD bottle of Keto Chow. Odd.

So, we had the prototype batch manufactured. We stuck labels on them, so they would look decent, and started sending out free bottles to people that ordered over $200 (and therefore qualified for free ground shipping). It was a good learning experience. We learned how to ship liquid without people knowing what the surprise was, or expecting a certain level of service so when (not if) something went wrong, they were generally super chill about it and just excited to get the bottle. We decided we wanted to do an actual production run and have them come in cases of 6. So I contacted the manufacturer so we could get the packaging printing (in Spain!). And waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Finally, we learned that Tetrapak, the people that make the multi-million dollar aseptic packaging machine, had discontinued support of that machine and it was being sent back to Europe. Dang. So now we’re looking for an alternative solution. Dry powder is still our core competency and WAY less expensive to manufacture and ship; but we want to have an RTD product. It took nearly a year to get the last prototype ran, I expect it’ll take that long again to find another place to do it; ideally in a mid-size package so it can be 3 a day instead of gigantor massive bottles.

As for the original prototype run? They’re all gone. I sent some of the final ones we had left to Keto Connect, mostly because every time they review Keto Chow they seem to mix it up wrong 😂 – wanted them to try it the way it’s MEANT to be!

Here’s our Facebook Live from March 27, where we explain the issue and such (in thinly veiled terms). I’ve fast-forwarded it to the point where we talk about it.

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Higher shipping costs for 2019, thanks USPS!

I’m just about done updating the shipping prices for the new costs that will go into effect on Monday. I’ll be putting those up as soon as we finish shipping Friday’s orders since anything that comes after will ship out using the new rates. If you’re wondering why shipping costs more than your past orders did, that’s why.

For the curious, there’s a post on that details the price changes, it’s around a 6% increase on the majority of the packages we use.

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Significant changes in Keto Chow shipping options (for the better!)

We finally have the new shipping setup with UPS going completely on the website. This gives us the ability to offer free ground shipping to the contiguous 48 United States for orders over $200, plus it gives us the option to use our discounted negotiated rates for other UPS shipping methods; notably “Next Day Air” and several international methods like “UPS Standard to Canada” which is FAR less expensive compared to USPS Priority Mail (which ALSO has new, less expensive, shipping options that aren’t flat rate boxes, depending on how much you’re ordering). You’ll also see that the UPS shipping options will now give you an estimated delivery date!

So far we’ve had a really good response to the changes (especially to Canada). The big unknown still is how the new shipping methods will affect customs, duties, and brokerage fees. If you select USPS, it will be handed off to your countries carrier and has a lower likelihood of additional customs or duty fees. If you are in Canada and select “UPS Standard” there is a very good chance that you will need to pay some brokerage and customs fees at delivery. I suspect the far lower shipping charges will make up for any increased duties or brokerage fees but I could be wrong.

Ultimately, if the cost of shipping Keto Chow was a barrier for you in the past, try it again. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised =)

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Free US Ground Shipping for orders over $200, Subscriptions now available

We finally have everything set up and ready so we can offer free UPS ground shipping for orders over $200 within the contiguous 48 United States (sorry Hawaii and Alaska 😢 – UPS calls it “ground” shipping but it’s not and they charge way too much for it). Getting the discount is easy: just add $200 worth of product to your shopping cart and select the Free Ground Shipping option. May I make a suggestion though: If you order 4 or more of the 21 meal “week” bags, you’ll get a 5% bulk discount, plus free shipping (again – if you live in the 48 contiguous United States). That’s a Win-Win! =)

We have boxes that’ll handle up to 8 of the large 21 meal packages of Keto Chow at a time, and if you go really nuts and order more than 8, we’ll just split up the order. One thing to note is that this is shipping via UPS Ground, meaning that it’s going to take longer to arrive compared to US Priority Mail – especially for those on the east coast. Here’s the actual transit time map:

Getting the ground shipping set up was the final element holding back rolling out subscriptions too. So let’s do it! We’ve actually had the Subscriptions Page in the store for a few weeks but it had a bunch of warnings not to use it just yet. Starting now you can go right ahead and order a subscription to be shipped to you every month. It should be noted that subscriptions live in an alternate universe where any other sales or discounts don’t exist. You’ll get the same flavor(s) for the same price(s) each time unless you cancel the subscription and make a new one. Yeah, that’s a pain but I haven’t found a way around it yet. PLEASE NOTE: you can’t use Amazon Pay or Visa Checkout with subscriptions. If you are creating a subscription and check out using Amazon Pay or Visa Checkout, it will not create a recurring subscription like it’s supposed to. You’ve been warned! =) Rather it’ll create the subscription and charge your payment method for the first month, but next month you’ll get an email asking you to put in a different payment method before the subscription renews.

Here’s where it gets fun:

  • Subscriptions get 5% off
  • You also can get 5% off if you order 4 or more
  • You also can get free ground shipping since those 4+ will put you into that bucket too!

Hey, it’s pretty much the best way to order Keto Chow!

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Too many Pallets! Let’s get more racks

Now that we’re on the cusp of starting to get the 2.1 samples and getting the 10 new flavors of 2.1, we’re running out of rack space to store the pallets of Keto Chow that are coming in. Last week when we temporarily ran out of Chocolate we also got a massive shipment of Vanilla – so vanilla took over Chocolate’s space on the rack. Anyhow, today we are getting more pallet racks, enough for 104 additional pallets full of Keto Chow (288 bags a pallet). I did the math and the total capacity of the racks is only 75% of the total manufacturing order I placed for Keto Chow 2.1 so I guess it’s a really good thing that we didn’t get everything in at the same time (and we’ve also already sold a significant amount too =) – and that doesn’t even take into account the pallets of samples we should be getting in a few weeks. Both of the guys who came to do the install ended up asking a bunch of questions about Keto, I think it can help them a lot!

Anyhow, it’s all done and here’s a time lapse of the construction:

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July 31, 2017: Most shipments in one day, in our biggest month ever

Yesterday, July 31 2017, we shipped more packages than any other single day before, it was a record (15% higher than the previous record from a week ago). Granted, if you add together all the orders that came in during our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in 2016 there were more orders, but yesterday was the biggest shipping day we’ve had so far… and most of those were ordered before we put Chocolate Peanut Butter on sale! Oddly, it was also the final day of what turned out to be our biggest month ever, both in order total and order numbers. It was even bigger than the customary January spike we get when people decide it’s time to lose some weight for their new year’s resolutions. Frankly it’s amazing we were able to sustain growth mixing the old product the way we were. in the v1.x days Now that we’re getting sizeable shipments of product in, we’re getting closer to the point where we can scale WAY up and not have to worry about running out of product (which is ironic in that: right this moment we are out of stock on Chocolate 2.0). I’m expecting to soon get some actual movement on the samples front too, then we can REALLY go for it!

Now, before you ask how much/many that was, I’m going to be upfront that I’m being “deliberately evasive”. It’s the term I use when my kids want to know a surprise or something that I’m not going to tell them, after a few questions I’ll just say I’m being deliberately evasive and they (usually) let it drop =). Here’s a pretty graph that shows Keto Chow gross sales from launch in January 2015, up through yesterday in July 2017. I’ve very conveniently replaced the numbers with pictures of bananas at random intervals (though I could have left the bottom one alone, it’s 0):

With any luck, by the end of the year, I’ll be exceeding my e-commerce store order “quota” and have to upgrade that again =)

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Keto Chow featured in ShipStation Success Stories

This entry is part 164 of 209 in the series Ketogenic Diet

I keep telling my kids that I’m “Internet Famous” but they don’t believe me =) Shipstation posted our User Success Story a few minutes ago.


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