July 31, 2017: Most shipments in one day, in our biggest month ever

Yesterday, July 31 2017, we shipped more packages than any other single day before, it was a record (15% higher than the previous record from a week ago). Granted, if you add together all the orders that came in during our Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in 2016 there were more orders, but yesterday was the biggest shipping day we’ve had so far… and most of those were ordered before we put Chocolate Peanut Butter on sale! Oddly, it was also the final day of what turned out to be our biggest month ever, both in order total and order numbers. It was even bigger than the customary January spike we get when people decide it’s time to lose some weight for their new year’s resolutions. Frankly it’s amazing we were able to sustain growth mixing the old product the way we were. in the v1.x days Now that we’re getting sizeable shipments of product in, we’re getting closer to the point where we can scale WAY up and not have to worry about running out of product (which is ironic in that: right this moment we are out of stock on Chocolate 2.0). I’m expecting to soon get some actual movement on the samples front too, then we can REALLY go for it!

Now, before you ask how much/many that was, I’m going to be upfront that I’m being “deliberately evasive”. It’s the term I use when my kids want to know a surprise or something that I’m not going to tell them, after a few questions I’ll just say I’m being deliberately evasive and they (usually) let it drop =). Here’s a pretty graph that shows Keto Chow gross sales from launch in January 2015, up through yesterday in July 2017. I’ve very conveniently replaced the numbers with pictures of bananas at random intervals (though I could have left the bottom one alone, it’s 0):

With any luck, by the end of the year, I’ll be exceeding my e-commerce store order “quota” and have to upgrade that again =)

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Reminder: We will be closed Monday

In large part because it’s a US Postal Service Holiday, but also because we like to spend time with our families, Keto Chow will not be shipping Monday, May 29th in observance of Memorial Day. You can find the full list of days we are closed on

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Keto Chow featured in ShipStation Success Stories

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I keep telling my kids that I’m “Internet Famous” but they don’t believe me =) Shipstation posted our User Success Story a few minutes ago.


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Keto Chow 2.0 Update: The Protein HAS ARRIVED! (also we aren’t shipping Monday the 10th)

The Whey Protein Isolate we’ll be using for Keto Chow 2.0 arrived at the warehouse this morning and was unloaded. Currently, it’s being tested (gotta make sure it doesn’t have salmonella, e-coli or any other fun stuff) and production will likely start on Monday and will continue for a while. We’re expecting to take delivery of the first truckload on Monday, April 17th. Then I get to take some pictures to put on the website, get to check how many of the various packages fit into USPS flat rate boxes so we can make sure shipping is set up right. I’m not sure which flavors will be in the first group. We might get all of them or maybe we’ll only get a few with the rest arriving in the coming week(s). If everything goes OK on Monday I should have 2.0 available for purchase sometime that evening and the first shipments will go out on Tuesday morning (the 18th) – with many arriving on Thursday, April 19.

So in summary: give us a dozen days and you can have some 2.0!

This coming Monday, April 10th we’re not going to be shipping – something about giving people a day off… So to make up for it, we’re shipping tomorrow (Saturday, April 8). You can still place orders this weekend and Monday, it just won’t ship until Tuesday the 11th.

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We need a reserved parking spot at the post office

I started working on my taxes yesterday…

Among other things, I got a final amount for some of the business expenses for 2016. $2,825 for janitorial services, $4060 for various utilities (our gas company makes you pre-pay $1000 when you start an account), and $114,518.83 in Postage and Delivery. If we don’t get a dedicated parking spot, we should at least get an “Adopt a postal worker’s salary” certificate.

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Results of Cyber Monday sale

The Cyber Monday sale is still going on for a few more hours but we finally finished shipping today’s orders so I figured I would give an update. We shipped both “Black Friday” and “Small Businesss Saturday”and then took a “Leave me alone it’s Sunday” break. Despite shipping Friday and Saturday, we still hit a record high of orders in one day, even higher than Boxing Day 2015, otherwise known as “Day after Christmas – oh crap I need to lose some weight for my New Year resolution”. Here’s how it looked in an 8 foot truck bed:

Truck Bed of Cyber Monday packages


You may notice the falling snow – we’re getting out first serious snowstorm of the year, luckily it stopped snowing long enough to get over to the post office without anything getting wet. Phew!

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2016 Black Friday, Cyber Monday (plus Saturday and Sunday) sale

UPDATE: the sale has ended.

It’s time for our first ever after Thanksgiving sale! Whether you’re stocking up your own supplies, getting something for that crazy person doing keto, or getting ready for your New Year resolution to lose weight – this sale is for you!

Here’s what we got going on – Black Friday, November 24 – Cyber Monday, November 28:

  • Free US Shipping You just need to enter the coupon code SHIP15. USPS Priority Mail (2-day) shipping within the United States is free with a coupon. We aren’t doing free FedEx shipping, nor are we doing free international shipping; but you still get the same $15 discount on shipping, just add the coupon code.
  • $10 off “Sample all the Things!” a sample of every flavor – comes in a Keto Chow branded Blender Bottle.
  • $5 off the “Just the Minerals” week size, $25 off the large pack for 10lbs of protein – handy for customizing Keto Chow with your own protein powder/flavor/sweetener – plus it’s WAY cheaper to ship internationally – I can fit 6 “weeks” in the same flat rate envelope I use for a single full week.
  • The large week packs of Cookies & Cream, Snickerdoodle, and Chocolate Fudge are all $10 off.
  • Last week we did a 15% off sale on Rich Chocolate (by far the most popular flavor), that sale ended Monday morning…
  • Starting on “Cyber Monday” had a “flavor of the week” 20% off sale on Chocolate Peanut Butter – which is the best flavor. Anybody that says different is crazy.

Head on over to the Keto Chow store now!

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Cool New Stuff

First off: If you haven’t noticed – we’re rocking a new site address for the blog and main page:

We are also using a new shopping cart system that you can get to at Both platforms should be noticeably faster and more stable (and require less administrative oversight). I’ve put in redirects for most of the old pages, with a few notable exceptions to allow people to access old order history and to manage subscriptions (since I don’t have support for subscription in the new system yet). As a bit of an incentive to use the new store anyway, I’d like to point out that shipping is cheaper on the new site (and it’s where Chocolate Peanut Butter is 20% off right now!)

Second: We have a new location. Granted, for now it’s mostly just an empty warehouse with a bunch of shelves but as soon as Keto Chow 2.0 Co-Packing is in full swing it will be where your Keto Chow is shipped from. There’s a sign on the door (which faces south and the sun is REALLY bright in your eyes) and a lighted sign on the street

New Location Road Sign


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About the Business Cards that come in orders

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Back in March we started including business cards in the packages we ship out. It was my Wife’s idea (I think, might have been Heather’s idea originally). There’s a discount code on the back but it only works once for each person, we continue sending them with each order so you’ll have a nice and easy way to explain to people that ask what is up with Keto Chow. Here’s a comment I got on an order this morning:

Please include a bunch of cards so I can hand em’ out to my friends and coworkers whom are interested in the “shake” that has allowed me to loose 45lbs.

THAT is why we put the cards in there =)

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Day 066 – 100 days of Keto (Chow)

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  • Weight: 204.7
  • Blood ketones: 0.3 mmol/L

Now that’s what I’m talking about: whoosh! Back down to where I was on Friday. Further giving credence to the notion that it was all water weight and likely the result of inadvertent carbohydrate consumption. Going to keep this trend going.

The FexEx boxes came yesterday so I’ve re-enabled that as an option for shipping, they also delivered a pack of the “10kg” and “25kg” international flat rate boxes. Looks like I could fit 2 months in the 10kg and like 3-4 months worth in the 25kg. I haven’t checked the pricing yet but it’s an option for anyone that wants it.

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