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Results of accelerated 2 year shelf life testing (passed)

Several months ago, the place that packages our samples (and puts a “best before” date on the packages) asked us to get them a report to corroborate the 2-year shelf life claim. So I did. The results came back today. It was conducted as an accelerated test with high humidity and temperature. They checked for changes in the water activity, moisture; total bacteria, yeast, and mold populations. They also did an organoleptic to check that the color, texture, odor, and taste were unaffected – as a powder and mixed with water.

The short version is: they agree that a claim of a 2-year shelf life is acceptable for the product.

So what does that mean for you? The date we have stamped on the packages should represent the date it should last until with no discernable change in taste – and it’ll likely be absolutely fine even MUCH longer than that. The packaging we are using has an extremely good oxygen barrier and likely lasts a REALLY long time before you’re going to see any degradation in the flavor or the protein. You will, however, see degradation in many of the vitamins once you get really far out past the “best by” date. If you intend to use Keto Chow for ALL of your meals for several weeks, I would not recommend using “expired” product. If you’re using it once or twice a day, you are unlikely to experience adverse effects or deficiencies.

Planning on stocking up on some non-perishable food? Along with many of the suggestions you’ll find in a recent blog post by Dr. Adam Nally, he says:

… this has been a wonderful and needed addition to our food storage.  Simply adding water, avocado oil, butter or cream to the KetoChow powder creates and instant, and very healthy ketogenic meal

Apparently, you should also take up bow hunting.

Discussion: The water activities of the products are so low that they do not support the growth of microorganisms. However, the products are not sterile as some bacterial populations existed, possibly spore formers. For item 1, microbiological populations hovered around detection limits (100 CFU/g) for the course of the study with 1 container having a higher load (2,800 CFU/g on day 597). For item 2, microbiological populations mostly remained below detection limits. No yeast or molds were detected in either product. Overall, the data shows that microbiological populations are extremely low, and the products do not support the growth of microorganisms. The client states that the product should be refrigerated after mixing with water. [the testing lab] agrees with this precaution since the product would be capable of supporting microbiological growth after being added to water. Interestingly, moisture levels increased somewhat in both products [over the course of the test]. Water activity values fell slightly. There were no detectable declines of organoleptic quality observed over the course of the study. [the testing lab] feels the product remained unchanged over the course of the sutyd[sic].

*Recommended Shelf Life: Based upon the analytical and organoleptic data obtained over the course of this shelf life study, it is the opinion of [the testing lab] that a shelf life of 2 years is attainable and acceptable for the product analyzed herein.

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Printable sticker sheets for labeling your Keto Chow storage containers

OK, this is a weird one but whatever. Miriam has been putting our Keto Chow into some storage containers – others likely work just fine, these are the ones that fit how tall inside our cupboards are (and they fit 1.5 bags of Keto Chow).

I saw some Keto Chow users that have been cutting out the picture from their bags and using those to label their containers, I thought I could help make more “fancy” – here are some sheets you can print out, either on a regular sheet or on sticker paper. I looked into having them printed but it was CRAZY expensive and would take like a month. So I hereby empower you to print your own!

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New “how to prepare Keto Chow” video (6 meals)

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Had some time yesterday to make a new video on how to prepare Keto Chow. I also wanted to talk about using an insulated thermos like this 40 ounce Hydro Flask or this 16 ounce one because you can use them for when you won’t have refrigeration available. You can also use them to maintain “slushy” for hours Keto Chow made mostly with ice in a blender (think Wendy’s Frosty). Takes me about 14 minutes to make 6 meals worth in the video, it’s faster if you’re not ‘splaining stuff.

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Daily Storage

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So a recent thread on /r/soylent asked what people use to store their daily Soylent. Here is what I do. Storage Containers I’ve been consuming People Chow for over 6 months now and have 4 empty containers from GNC Mega Man Sport. Three of those are from mixing and selling People Chow over the last 3 weeks. Anyhow – The labels come off quite easily, they seal well and I can fill one up with about 7 cups of powder, making for around 7 meals. I leave one at work for lunch and have two at home (my recipe yields three 1 cup meals a day). When I only had the one container I would just take it to and from work every day. I started doing it this way right about the time I started mixing 7 days of powder at a time. For oil you can fill a container with oil and just use a measuring spoon to get the right amount out for each meal. I’ve mentioned it before but for oil I just plug my nose and down the daily oil when I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s not something that hardly anyone could put up with, I’m not recommending it.

Scooping out the powder from a bulk container instead of trying to get 1/3 from my daily bag has made preparing my lunch at work a 20 second job. A co-worker messages me that they’re leaving for lunch and all I have to do is scoop out some stuff into a blender bottle and make a quick stop at the drinking fountain to fill up on water. Yes, those are laundry detergent scoops in the picture. They’re 1/2 cup, fit into the mouth of my blender bottles easily, come to a point (making getting into corners easy), and it’s what was sitting on the counter one day when I needed a measuring scoop. So I washed it and have used it ever since.

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