Free US Ground Shipping for orders over $200, Subscriptions now available

We finally have everything set up and ready so we can offer free UPS ground shipping for orders over $200 within the contiguous 48 United States (sorry Hawaii and Alaska ? – UPS calls it “ground” shipping but it’s not and they charge way too much for it). Getting the discount is easy: just add $200 worth of product to your shopping cart and select the Free Ground Shipping option. May I make a suggestion though: If you order 4 or more of the 21 meal “week” bags, you’ll get a 5% bulk discount, plus free shipping (again – if you live in the 48 contiguous United States). That’s a Win-Win! =)

We have boxes that’ll handle up to 8 of the large 21 meal packages of Keto Chow at a time, and if you go really nuts and order more than 8, we’ll just split up the order. One thing to note is that this is shipping via UPS Ground, meaning that it’s going to take longer to arrive compared to US Priority Mail – especially for those on the east coast. Here’s the actual transit time map:

Getting the ground shipping set up was the final element holding back rolling out subscriptions too. So let’s do it! We’ve actually had the Subscriptions Page in the store for a few weeks but it had a bunch of warnings not to use it just yet. Starting now you can go right ahead and order a subscription to be shipped to you every month. It should be noted that subscriptions live in an alternate universe where any other sales or discounts don’t exist. You’ll get the same flavor(s) for the same price(s) each time unless you cancel the subscription and make a new one. Yeah, that’s a pain but I haven’t found a way around it yet. PLEASE NOTE: you can’t use Amazon Pay or Visa Checkout with subscriptions. If you are creating a subscription and check out using Amazon Pay or Visa Checkout, it will not create a recurring subscription like it’s supposed to. You’ve been warned! =) Rather it’ll create the subscription and charge your payment method for the first month, but next month you’ll get an email asking you to put in a different payment method before the subscription renews.

Here’s where it gets fun:

  • Subscriptions get 5% off
  • You also can get 5% off if you order 4 or more
  • You also can get free ground shipping since those 4+ will put you into that bucket too!

Hey, it’s pretty much the best way to order Keto Chow!