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Facebook Live recording from Nov 13, 2018

Last night we did our weekly live broadcast. Talked about stuff, answered viewer questions, and went over some of the questions we had received during the week. Here is the high-quality recording that we posted on YouTube

Or, if you prefer, here is part 1 of the original Facebook video with the viewer comments from the live broadcast

And here is part 2 of the original Facebook video (the Internet went wonky and we had to restart!)

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Facebook Live recording from Nov 6, 2018

Last night we did our weekly live broadcast. Talked about stuff, answered viewer questions, and went over some of the questions we had received during the week. Here is the high-quality recording that we posted on YouTube

Or, if you prefer, here is the original Facebook video with the viewer comments from the live broadcast

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Keto Chow Facebook Live from October 23, 2018

We did our weekly Facebook live video last night. I finally figured out how to get the a6000 to record more than 23 minutes at a time so it was WAY easier to edit together, and higher quality:

Or, if you prefer to see all the Facebook comments, here’s that version with the (somewhat) lower quality video

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Recording from our weekly live video, with special guest Cristy Davis!

Last night we did our weekly Facebook live video, but we were able to convince Cristy Davis, founder of The Keto Village: Sofa King Facebook group who was here in town, to stop by and be a part of the mayhem.

Unlike a surprising majority of keto Facebook groups, hers isn’t a totalitarian fiefdom ruled by an overbearing monarch that bans people for voicing opinions – yes I know, I sound like the peasant in “Holy Grail”. Cristy was once banned from a Facebook group because a photo she posted had a milkshake that someone else was drinking in the background, it “triggered” people! I was banned from a Keto Facebook group for saying there “aren’t keto police that enforce certain rules, keto doesn’t have a rulebook; it’s about science, not theology”). Generally, I tell people to be wary of keto Facebook groups, this is one of the good ones, so is CompletelyKeto – run by Kim Howerton, and Insulin IQ of Dr. Ben Bikman fame.

There was a problem with the Internet a few minutes into it, so I’d recommend checking out the YouTube version which has better video quality anyway:

If you prefer the original Facebook videos with the comments as they came in, here is Part 1 (before the Internet died on us)

And here is Part 2

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Weekly Facebook Live recording from Oct 9, 2018

We did our weekly Facebook Live video last night – answered a bunch of questions – talked about random things, and more! We do it every Tuesday at 7:30 pm (mountain). Here’s the Facebook version of the video, complete with the comments and questions as they came in:

Or, if you prefer, here’s the recording we uploaded to YouTube:

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Keto Chow on Keto Connect’s latest product review video

We’ve sent stuff fo Keto Connect to review before, they do keep making small errors mixing it up (didn’t use enough water this time, used olive instead of avocado oil) but anytime you make it through their review on a positive, it’s a win! Matt doesn’t pull any punches and if your product is stupid, he won’t hold back. One of these times I’m going to get them to use heavy cream – just you WAIT!

The Keto Chow fun starts at the 9:17 mark but I’d recommend watching the whole thing. And subscribing to their YouTube channel.


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Miriam (and Chris) will be LIVE on Facebook with Carrie Brown tonight!

At 8 PM Eastern (That’s 7 Central, 6 Mountain, or 5 Pacific) we will be joining Carrie Brown on her weekly Facebook Live event. Set your alarms! The live video will initially appear on her Facebook page: and we’ll make sure to put it on ours as well.

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Do Low Carb Diets Cause Early Death? (video)

This entry is part 204 of 205 in the series Ketogenic Diet

So there’s been a big to-do the last few days about a new study that purports to indicate that a low carb diet will cause an early death. The news headlines have been rather extreme, and it seems that everyone has forgotten the PURE study from 12 months ago. Regardless: our friend Ken Berry, MD, put out a video discussing, at length, everything going on in this study.

From the description of the video:

Do low-carb diets really lead to early death? Here is my response to the recent article published in the Lancet Journal of Public Health. I’ve included links below because I want you to actually read the study and verify what I’m saying. This topic is so important, and this field of science is so dubitable, that you can’t take anyone’s word about it, you need to read it yourself.

Harvard University currently is highly esteemed in the fields of medicine and nutrition research. The Lancet is currently highly esteemed in the fields of medicine and nutrition publication. But, if they don’t both stop publishing rubbish such as this as valid science from which we can glean valuable information, the reputations of both will suffer soon. Main-stream media’s blind, thoughtless parroting of whatever Harvard and the Lancet say is actually crippling both institutions, and destroying their credibility.

Your one life and your health are too important to entrust blindly and thoughtlessly to “expert opinion” you need to read and watch and research for yourself, and listen to your own body.

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Using Keto Chow while camping, hiking, traveling, etc…

I have people asking for solutions they can use for doing keto while camping, hiking, staying in a hotel (with or without refrigeration), or otherwise traveling. I thought I’d share some of my recent experience. The headline image above is from when I was making Keto Chow for 2 of my kids and my wife.

July 2018 has been a little crazy for me; with Keto Con, a 4 day-30 mile hike, family vacation, scout camp, Ketofest, and Low Carb USA all strung together. Particularly challenging was the hike, and later the scout camp with my oldest son since I wouldn’t have any refrigeration nor anything resembling a kitchen. The camp also wanted $6 a meal for amazing dishes like spaghetti, or grilled cheese sandwiches. My plan for the days I would be at camp was to bring:

They did have lots of clean, cold, mountain spring water available. The basic routine every meal went like this:

  1. I would grab my dry blender bottle.
  2. I’d put in the amount of avocado oil I wanted, it was marked on the side of the blender bottle with a marker to make measuring super easy.
  3. Add a scoop of Keto Chow powder.
  4. Add the water.
  5. Shake it up – from step 3 to step 5 you want to minimize time as much as possible to avoid clumps, try to hit fewer than 5 seconds.
  6. Go help some kid with something for 5 minutes (this lets the protein dissolve more so it’s not gritty).
  7. Drink
  8. Use the soap, water, and bottle brush to wash out the bottle – this is easier with hot water but I’ve used cold without problems.
  9. Leave the lid off and let the bottle dry.
  10. You’re ready for the next meal.

In the cases that I had access to refrigeration, using heavy cream was also an option instead of avocado oil. That entire sequence (steps 1-10) only takes maybe 5 minutes, not counting however long you take to drink the meal and it’s super handy when it’s raining but you already have your Keto Chow in your tent with you

So, there you go – a week’s worth of Keto Chow weighs around 1000g with 21 meals worth of avocado oil clocking in around 2000g (about a half gallon worth). Provided you have access to water, you can stick to a strict Ketogenic diet easily (oh and depending on the flavor you get, your net carbs for the DAY will be around 1.5-4g (more for chocolate compared to salted caramel and the others).

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Keto Chow 2.1 update: Cookies and Cream should be available tomorrow evening, Salted Caramel is next

Time for a Keto Chow 2.1 Update!

Cookies and Cream 2.1 went into production this morning, we’re expecting to go grab several hundred tomorrow evening, test, and then put them up on the site for sale. I’m guessing it’ll be about 30 hours from right now. Salted Caramel is supposed to go into production after that with Base Powder either before or after Salted Caramel (they ran out of the tiny scoops for the Base Powder and more were scheduled to arrive today).

Along with updating the How to Prepare Keto Chow page for 2.1, there are a new set of videos that are updated for v2.1 also. The biggest thing to know about version 2.1 is it’s thicker, especially if you’re using heavy cream, and that necessitates more water.

Speaking of which, Let’s talk about the reception of Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter! I have a thread on the Keto Chow subreddit asking for reviews. For the most part, people like both. Let’s talk about the major changes people are finding:

  • Like I said, KC 2.1 mixes up thicker. This has some big implications to not just the viscosity but also to the flavor. To get the same thickness as v2.0, you have to add additional water. That means you have more volume for the same amount of powder.
  • More volume means you’re likely to stay full longer! (yay!)
  • More volume also means that the flavor and sweetener are diluted across more volume – that will make the flavor and sweetness less intense compared to v2.0. Depending on your personal tastes, this is either a great thing or a bad thing. Some people are upset by the change, others are ecstatic.
    • On an aside: we tried to get the intensity of the chocolate flavor to be close to 2.0’s, going so far as to increase the amount of “chocolate milkshake” flavor from 0.4g a serving up to 0.96g a serving.
  • The sweetener was reduced 20% (from 100mg to 80mg). Again, some people love the reduced sweetness, others do not.
  • The place that made the bags and applied the zipper does not seem to have used the zipper we told them to. The new zipper is thinner and tends to get clogged with powder. It’s annoying but it’s usually a quick fix:

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