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What do I do if I added too much HWC?

Depends on how much you added =)

If you added twice as much as you should have, consider adding another serving of Keto Chow and some water and make it into 2 servings. Otherwise, probably just use less in a subsequent meal to account for the overage.

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HWC vs Oil – which should I use?

  • There are fewer (no) carbs in Avocado Oil
  • Heavy (whipping) cream mixes up thicker
  • HWC has a more ‘creamy” mouthfeel
  • the flavor of Keto Chow comes through stronger with avocado oil
  • Avocado Oil does not require refrigeration
  • Avocado oil will not separate when mixed into Keto Chow, there’s no oily slick.
  • HWC has dairy and lactose, avocado oil does not.

So, based on all that, it’s entirely up to you!

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If you need to lose some of the fat you already have stored, do you need to add fat, (heavy cream) to the Keto Chow. It seems to be counter productive.

It’s a bit of an involved subject but the short version is: we don’t recommend having a caloric deficit higher than 15% off your BMR. So if you need 1875 calories a day, get at least 85% of that from food (1593 calories). If you go lower than that, you risk crashing your metabolism and going into starvation mode. Our bodies are smart and know to reduce output when faced with too large of a deficit.

If you do a deep dive into the science of it you’ll also run into issues where people will have high fasting insulin which keeps fat cells from releasing energy, even if the person has low glucose levels, thus you end up with no glucose, no fat, and no ketones to run your cells and everything slows down.

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Is there a type for someone with a dairy allergy?

The protein used in Keto Chow is milk protein isolate. If you have an issue with Lactose, you will most likely not have any issues at all. If, however, you are allergic to milk proteins (casein and whey) you would need to use the Base Powder version along with a suitable non-dairy protein. For the fat source refer to Are there alternatives to the Heavy Cream? What if I am lactose intolerant? Can Keto Chow be dairy-free?

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Can I mix with just water? Can I use low-carb milk instead of cream? Can I mix with Almond Milk?

Well, you could but it’s probably not a good idea unless you’re not trying to do keto. Keto is HIGH fat, moderate protein, low carb. It is NOT low fat, low carb.

You need calories. If your insulin is low enough (below 14), you can pull around 37 calories from each pound of fat you have per day. If your insulin is high, then you’ll need to use more dietary fat or your metabolism will go down. I never recommend more than a 15% calorie deficit doing Keto Chow unless you’re VERY in-tune with your body and know what you’re doing with months or years of experience doing keto. Water, almond milk, and all the other low-fat and low-calorie stuff out there is exactly that: low fat and low calorie. Keto is all about living off fat.

Embrace the fat. Use heavy cream or avocado oil in your Keto Chow and put butter on your steak.

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Do the week packs of the KC2.0 come with a scoop so you know how much to put in?

The week packs of Keto Chow 2.0+ do indeed come with a scoop for quick and easy measuring. If you have a scale available I do recommend using that for higher accuracy, especially if you are recording your food intake in an app like Cron-O-Meter or MyFitnessPal – the scoop can be off by 2% or more, depending on how packed down the powder is.

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How long does an opened bag of Keto Chow last?

Opened bags of Keto Chow do not need to be stored in the fridge… generally (I’ll get to that later). The primary factor determining how long it’s good for is humidity. If you happen to live in an arid climate, you may have bags that are still fresh and tasty after 4-5 months. If you live in Florida, the powder may get clumpy and funky after only a few days. There are a few things you can do to combat the humidity:

  • Use desiccant packets (the “DO NOT EAT” things you find in stuff)
  • Store your bags in the freezer, not to keep them cold but because freezers tend to be crazy low humidity, and the cold doesn’t hurt either
  • Get smaller bags or split up the large bag into smaller bags
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