Redmond Real Salt in Keto Chow: why there’s a little bit of sand at the bottom of your bottle

Starting with version 2.5.2 of Keto Chow (full changelog here), we switched to using Redmond Real Salt in Keto Chow.

  • Real Salt tastes better than typical table salt.
  • Real Salt is mined in Utah, just a few hours away from Keto Chow HQ.
  • Real Salt has a lot of cool trace minerals that add to the flavor.
  • …but Real Salt has a lot of cool trace minerals. Some of that shows up like sand at the bottom of your container.

So, lots of pros, with that one con. Most people will notice the bit of reddish “sand” at the bottom of the bottle and it’s not a big deal, but if you have a thicker viscosity (either you use less water, use heavy cream instead of butter, or you thicken the shake using a bit of gelatin/guar gum/xanthan gum) or take a drink IMMEDIATELY after shaking up your Keto Chow, you may get some of those un-dissolved minerals in your mouth. It’s harmless (actually it has some added iron and some manganese which your stomach acid will dissolve) but can be annoying to some people.

To mitigate the issue:

  • Wait a minute after shaking up Keto Chow before drinking. Around here we tend to habitually give it a shake before taking a swig. However, that’s really not necessary since Keto Chow doesn’t settle or separate like most drinks (again: habit!) You’ll see the minerals settle to the bottom pretty quickly.
  • If you tip the bottle back to get the last few drops, depending on how quickly you tip it and at how much of an angle, you may get a large quantity of the minerals. We notice this happens a lot when we dump a Keto Chow into an ice cream maker to whip up some soft-serve. The fix is to take a few more seconds to slowly pour the bottle.
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Can I drink Keto Chow immediately after preparing it? Why do I have to refrigerate it?

If you are mixing up Keto Chow with cold water:

In order to get the best TASTE, we recommend you allow your Keto Chow shake to refrigerate for at least 30 minutes, or preferably overnight. Allowing it to sit removes a harsh vitamin/metallic taste (30-45 minutes), and eliminates a lot of the saltiness (2-3 hours). As a result, you improve taste and texture.

Drinking immediately after mixing doesn’t hurt you, or cause you to lose health benefits.

If you are mixing up Keto Chow with warm or hot water:

In this case, all of the stuff is immediately dissolved, you CAN refrigerate it and reheat it later, or just drink it right away.

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What do I do if I added too much fat?

This depends on how much you added.

If you’ve added twice as much as you should, try adding more Keto Chow and water, enough for two servings. Otherwise, just add less in a subsequent meal to account for the overage.

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What does “Fat of Your Choice” mean? Which fat source should I use?

We have a short video that explains what fats you can use.

I actually did a 100-day experiment where I didn’t eat anything BUT Keto Chow and different kinds of fats. The short version is: I like to use butter the best, then heavy cream. You can also use avocado oil, a little MCT oil, even coconut oil if you mix it the same as butter.

So, based on all that, it’s entirely up to you!

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If you need to lose fat you already have stored, why do you need to add fat to Keto Chow?

It’s a bit of an involved subject, but here’s the short version.

We don’t recommend having a caloric deficit higher than 15% off your BMR. For example, if you need 1875 calories a day, you need at least 85% of that from food (1593 calories). If you go lower than that, you risk crashing your metabolism and going into starvation mode. This will stall ketosis, and it’s subsequent fat. Our bodies are smart and know to reduce output when faced with too large of a deficit.

If you dive deeper into the science of it, you’ll also run into issues of high fasting insulin that keeps fat cells from releasing energy, even with low glucose levels. Thus you end up with no glucose, no fat, and no ketones to run your cells and everything slows down.

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Can I mix Keto Chow with hot water? Can I Heat Keto Chow? How does it affect the nutritional value?

We often drink Keto Chow warm, and also frequently use it in cooking and baking. Even the Savory Soups are meant to be consumed hot/warm.

Once Keto Chow reaches 120 degrees F and above, some of the nutrients may start to deteriorate. Even when it reaches that temperature, you will still receive excellent nutritional value. However, you would not want it to be your sole source of nutrition if you consistently heat it above 120 degrees.

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