How do I edit or cancel a subscription?

When you create a subscription, you will get an email with a link to your personal subscription management page. Every month before the subscription renews, you’ll get a new email reminding you about the subscription. It also includes a link to the subscription management page. You can also log into your account on the Keto Chow store and access the subscriptions from there.

Manage Subscriptions Link

An important note when you visit the subscription page is that the list of subscriptions scrolls left to right. As shown in the image below, you tap inside the list of subscriptions and drag over to the left…
Scroll to the Left to edit subscription

and BOOM, now you can see the Edit and Cancel links!
Edit and Cancel Links

Once you are in the edit screen you’ll see the multitude of different options available for editing your subscription. You can change the flavors, delivery schedule, payment method, or even cancel the subscription entirely if you would like.
Options for editing a subscription

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I can’t combine my coupon code with bulk discount. Why not?

The new online checkout only allows one discount code at a time. Bulk orders use an automatic discount code so you are not able to use two anymore. It’ll default to whichever gives the biggest discount.

The workaround for this shortcoming in Shopify is to add your coupon code to the shopping cart before clicking Check Out. This will combine your coupon code’s discount with the automatic discount code generated by your bulk order.

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How is the “Flavor of the Week” determined? When will X be on sale? What’s on sale next week?

The “Flavor of the Week” started as a way to move flavors that we have too much in stock. The first discount was Snickerdoodle because Chris ordered way too much. It’s since become a weekly tradition.

Every weekend, Chris looks at the inventory to see what the stock levels look like. He picks an overabundant flavor and then tries to remember if it’s been on sale recently. He then sets the website to switch to that flavor’s price on Monday at 12:00:01 am MST. It’s super scientific and completely infallible…or not.

We do not have a public schedule of what flavors will be going on sale. Flavors that are extremely popular (like Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter) very seldom go on sale. Frankly, we have to work insanely hard to just keep them in stock. There’s almost rioting in the street every time Chocolate Peanut Butter runs out, even for a few days.

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I’m local to Utah. Can I pick up versus paying for shipping?

Yes indeed! If you live within about 50 miles of our Draper Facility, you’ll see a Local Pickup option during checkout. If you live further than that and want to make the drive anyway, you can trick the system by using our address as your shipping address!

Keto Chow
12577 S 265 W STE 4A
Draper, UT 84020

We’re open Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM-5:00 PM. We hold local pickup orders for two business weeks.

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Why is the subscription 21 servings at a time for a month’s supply? Wouldn’t 30 make more sense?

The “monthly” part of the subscription refers to the frequency of your order. It’s not how many meals you’re getting.

An interesting note: The subscription management tool allows you to customize the delivery schedule by Days, Weeks, or Months. As a result, you can completely customize your subscription to your personal needs.

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If I order a sample bundle, am I signing up for a recurring shipment?

Nope, it’s a one-time shipment. We don’t believe in tricking people into a recurring subscription. If a product is amazing (and we think Keto Chow is), you don’t have to rely on predatory sales practices. People will reorder on their own.

We do have the option of signing up for a subscription on our 21-meal bags, but it’s off by default and really obvious what you are signing up for.

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How does Keto Chow compare to other “meal replacements” like Pruvit Keto//OS?

The aim of Keto Chow is to be nutritionally complete with 1/3 of ALL your nutritional requirements. This includes vitamins, electrolytes, protein, fat, fiber…ALL of it.

Keto//OS is a mixture of exogenous ketones. You drink it and you’ll have ketones in your body regardless of actually being in nutritional ketosis or not. For people doing keto to treat a disease like epilepsy, cancer, or Alzheimer’s; or for people doing elite-level athletics – exogenous ketones can be very useful. For most of us, they’re of limited use. You’re not “in ketosis” unless your body is producing ketones by itself. If you do want to use exogenous ketones, I would recommend checking out Perfect Keto or other products not sold via Multi-Level Marketing.

If you’re curious, I’ve compiled a comparison of the various Keto “Meal Replacement” products available: https://www.reddit.com/r/keto/comments/6wjthf/comparison_of_keto_meal_replacement_options_costs/

Keto Chow is at the top with a cost of around $11 per 2000 calories. Keto//OS is at the very bottom at $250.00 for 2000 calories.

There is a more in-depth analysis of the different options on https://www.ketochow.xyz/2018/10/comparison-of-keto-meal-replacement-nutrition-costs-net-carbs-fat-and-more/

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How do I unsubscribe from “new post” browser notifications?

The first time you visit the Keto Chow site using a browser that supports notifications, you’ll get a prompt to allow notifications. Looks like this in Firefox:

And it looks like this in Chrome:

The Notifications in Chrome look like this. They’ll show up whenever a new blog post goes up on the site:


If you want to stop them, it’s super easy and you can do it in several ways. In Chrome, you can click on the little gear that’s right by the close button on the notification. That’ll take you to chrome://settings/content/notifications where you can remove or block notifications from specific sites:

You can also click on the “Secure” lock immediately to the left of the address bar, and remove notifications for the specific site you’re on:

The instructions for Chrome on mobile devices has you doing the same things.

To remove notifications for a site in Firefox just follow these instructions, or just click the gear icon on a notification and turn them off:

And here are the instructions for Safari.


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