The “Flavor of the Week” was started as a way to get flavors moving that we have too much in stock. The first one was Snickerdoodle because Chris ordered WAY too much of that flavor and it became a weekly tradition.

Every Monday morning, Chris wakes up and looks at the inventory to see what the stock levels are looking like, picks a flavor that we have an overabundance and then tries to remember if that particular flavor has been on sale recently. It’s super scientific and completely infallible… or not.

We do not have a public schedule of what will be going on sale. Flavors that are extremely popular (like Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter) very seldom go on sale because we, frankly, have to work insanely hard to just keep them in stock. There’s almost rioting in the street every time Chocolate Peanut Butter runs out, even for a few days.