At Keto Chow, we believe in the power of your voice and ability to influence trends, educate consumers, and inspire people to eat keto. We love to work with bloggers, YouTubers, and other influencers, and we aim to develop lasting partnerships. If you have an audience looking for a way to “make keto easy through complete nutrition for nutritional ketosis” via Keto Chow, then we are happy to support you and your followers!

We reward our brand ambassadors based on how often we see you sharing our products. The more we see you share, the more often we send you goodies! So don’t just consider asking for a one-time donation for a review and giveaway, consider joining our Ambassador Program. 


In addition to our Brand Ambassador program, we offer the opportunity for you to become an affiliate with us as well. Because we love to reward our loyal influencers with a small kickback on the sales that they help drive to our website. If you’ve already been working with us as a social media influencer sharing your love of Keto Chow through reviews, giveaways, and discounts; then maybe it’s time we got you signed up as a Keto Chow Affiliate. Whether you have 100 or 100K followers, we can create a special coupon code for you to share with your followers. Affiliate level includes a discount for your followers and discounts for yourself to order Keto Chow products. You must first apply to be a Brand Ambassador with Keto Chow (see link below).


Please fill out the application LINK BELOW and allow 4-6 weeks for a response. (We generally review new program applications once per month.) If you are not accepted, you will be notified via email, and you are welcome to reapply up to once every 6 months.


If you are not interested in becoming a Keto Chow Brand Ambassador, but wanting to sponsor a GIVEAWAY or REVIEW Keto Chow products on your Social Media, CLICK HERE.