• We like our Ambassadors to be focused on healthy living with a keto and/or low carb focus.
  • We want you to be a fan of Keto Chow products. Your influence matters.  Your followers can tell if you use our product or not.  If you do, then your influence will be authentic and will benefit both of us.
  • As an ambassador of our program, we would ask that you post to your social media platform(s) weekly.
  • Please make sure you are always using #ketochow and/or @ketochow
  • We would like you to create your own content and not only repost Keto Chow posts (although we love that too). Showing YOURSELF using and enjoying our products is why we picked you.
  • If you do talk about us in an IG Story, SnapChat or another platform that disappears after 24 hours, please take a screenshot and send it over to us. We don’t always see them quickly enough when we are tagged, and we do track these “disappearing” stories.

Our Ambassador program is set up on tiers. The more we see you actively promoting Keto Chow, the more quickly we will move you up to the next level and ship you the next box of Keto Chow goodies.

We love feedback! If you have an idea and want to pitch it to us for an upcoming feature, please feel free to email us at hello@ketochow.xyz with details of what you have planned.  We will work with you the best we can to help make your promotion successful for both of us.

We also offer a discount code for you to purchase Keto Chow products for only you to use. This will be sent out to you in your welcome email once you are selected.

Does this sound like a great fit for you?
Then we ask that you simply complete the application below: