In December of 2018 I (Chris Bair), decided to do an experiment where I would eat only Keto Chow for all of my food: 3 meals a day, roughly 300 meals during the course of the 100 days beginning January 2, 2019. Surprisingly, another Keto Chow user volunteered to also do the experiment, providing the opportunity to turn the N=1 into a N=2. This is interesting because I’m a rather tall male, our volunteer, Beverly, is a shorter female with an energy requirement approximately 1000 kCal/day lower than mine.

This experiment was an attempt to prove longer-term viability of Keto Chow being used for a sole source of nutrition. Additionally, it was an opportunity to further validate the effects of different types of fats on blood markers and test some new fats, primarily butter.

It was also a good opportunity to further verify the results of my previous experiments. Here are the results:

I didn’t die.

I say that in all seriousness because there are many people that think you will die (or at least not be healthy) if you attempt the sort of thing I did:

  • “Your brain requires 200g of carbohydrates a day or you’ll go into a coma”
  • “If you don’t chew your food your body can’t regulate hunger and you’ll have health complications”
  • “Sucralose will completely mess up your gut bacteria”
  • “Dairy will cause inflammation, trigger insulin, and prevent ketogenesis”
  • Etcetera…

Experiment Methodology

In the original blog post about the experiment I outlined the basic design of the experiment and the goals, but the short version is:

  • For the first 6 weeks, the focus would be on weight loss
  • For the following 8 weeks, I would use different types of fat in my Keto Chow and have weekly blood tests to measure my lipid system’s response to that variable.

This experiment served as a follow-up to the previous 42 day experiment I did in early 2018.

  • I was already eating a ketogenic diet at the outset of this experiment.
  • During the course of the experiment, 6 days a week, I would use the P90 program for exercise, not to be confused with P90x.
  • January 2 is the first weigh-in for the contest – it establishes the “baseline” against which the individual progress is calculated. The contest looks for % change in body weight.
  • The first 6 weeks (up to day 42), my primary goal was weight loss, I was later surprised to learn that the weight loss challenge was 9 weeks, not 6. Oops!
  • After the weight loss phase, I would change to a science phase using different types of fat for a 2 week period:
    • Keto Chow with just heavy cream for days 42-44 to recover from the fast and then get a blood test for the baseline of the science portion.
    • Keto Chow with just heavy cream for 2 weeks.
    • Keto Chow with just Avocado Oil for 2 weeks.
    • Keto Chow with Avocado Oil and MCT Oil for 2 weeks.
    • Keto Chow with butter for 2 weeks.

Test Plan:

  • On day 45, both of us had blood tests taken, these were repeated every week (Friday) at the end of that 7 day period.
  • My weight would be tracked using a Withings (Nokia) scale. Beverly logged her weight manually
  • Every day we both tested blood ketones using a “KetoMojo” blood tester due to the lower cost per ketone test. I also tested my breath acetone using a LEVL meter
  • I took body measurements using a “Zozo Suit” – which is a black suit with white dots. A phone application uses the dots to create a 3D model and outputs full body measurements.
  • I had a DEXA scan done at the end of the experiment (I totally spaced doing one at the beginning)

Food Logs and Nutrient Analytics

One of the main criticisms of Morgan Spurlock’s “Supersize Me” is that he absolutely refuses to release his food logs. You can’t take an experiment, even an N=1 experiment, seriously unless you can look at the data. Here are my own food logs for the entire experiment: Cronometer Full Nutrition Report (includes daily food logs and analysis) The data was collected using Cron-O-Meter.


I started this experiment at 244.016 lbs. on January 2. The final weigh in on April 12 was  200.107 lbs. – meaning my total weight loss for the 100 days was 43.909 lbs or 19.91 kg. I averaged a 0.439 lb weight loss per day over the 100 days (it was 0.49 up until day 80).

Here are all of the measurements I took plotted on a graph, you can see the raw values on the “Zozo Suit” Tab of this spreadsheet.

Starting Measurements

Starting Measurements

Ending Measurements

Ending Measurements

Test Results (Blood and others)

Beverly and I each did 9 blood tests during the experiment. The easiest way to look at the results is by reading this spreadsheet – specifically the “100 Days of Keto” tab. Here are some of the graphs from the spreadsheet.

Note that the spreadsheet and the graphs have data from all of the experiments I’ve done thus far.

Chris Blood Tests

Beverly Blood Tests