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What is the myChow Kit?

myChow Kit and myChow Surprise Kit are two great subscription options from Keto Chow that allow you the freedom to build your own personalized Keto Chow box with all the flavors you like most... or the option to get a complete surprise!

Both options are available on a once-a-month, or once-every-2-months delivery schedule with the option to manage your delivery dates and more. Choose from 4 different sizes: 20, 30, 60 or 90 meals

What Sizes are available for the myChow Kits?

There are 4 size options available for the myChow Kit and myChow Surprise Kit, both have the same options and sizes:

  • 20 meals - includes 20 single meal packets
  • 30 meals - includes 1 21-meal bag & 9 single meal packets
  • 60 meals - includes 2 21-meal bags & 18 single meal packets
  • 90 meals - includes 3 21-meal bags & 27 single meal packets

Can I pick the flavors in the myChow Kit?

myChow Kit allows you to pick from a giant variety of flavors and sizes to customize what you want in your subscription. You also can add additional items to your subscription as add-ons, like electrolytes, recipe cards, and more.

myChow Surprise Kit comes as a complete surprise with no customization options available. All myChow Surprise Kits come with that month's recipe cards, which are the same recipe cards available as an add-on that month to the configurable myChow Kit.

When you select your flavors on the customizable myChow Kit, that exact configuration will be sent to you each time unless you use the super-easy subscription portal to change the contents before your subscption re-order gets placed.

What schedule options do I have? How Frequently are packages shipped?

When you first sign up for a subscription, you have the option for a shipment every 1 month, or a shipment every 2 months. Your subscription will repeat on the same day as your original order (or a few days earlier if the end of February is involved). Once your subscription is created you can log into your account and manage your subscription with a wide array of additional options. You can skip a subscription, change the frequency, and even change when the next charge date will be.

More Information about the Recipe Cards

If you subscribe to myChow Surprise Kit (which includes recipe cards), or choose to add the Recipe Card addons to the configurable myChow Kit subscription, you will receive that month's recipe cards. Every order getting recipe cards in a given month will get the same cards. The recipe cards MAY include Keto Chow flavors that are part of that month's Surprise Kit but they potentially could also include recipes for flavors that are not part of the size kit that you are subscribed to. For example: a recipe could be for the flavors that is one of the large 21 meal bags, but if you get a Kit that doesn't have a 21 meal bag, you won't have that flavor!

Can I use discounts on subscriptions?

Discounts only work on one-time purchases, they do not work on subscriptions of any kind, including myChow Kit and myChow Subscription Kit. You can, however, use rewards credit to pay for all or part of the first shipment of a subscription with subsequent months paid via credit card.

Can I change the flavors in the customizable myChow Kit?

Absolutely you can: log in to your user account and use the subscription management portal to update your subscription options before your order goes in. Don't worry: we send an email a few days before this happens.

If you have the myChow Surprise Kit you can't choose your flavors at all, that's what the non-surprise option is for!

How does the "Surprise Monthly Flavor" work?

Each month we will pick a flavor as that month's designated "surprise" flavor, one for the single packet and a different flavor for the 21 meal bag. If you select 1 or more of either, you will get that quantity of the surprise flavor. Every order that month which includes the surprise flavor will get the same surprise flavor in that size. If you picked that you want 5 of the surprise single packets, you will get 5 of the same surprise flavor that everyone else is getting that month.

Some Flavors are Missing, can I get seasonal or Limited Edition flavors in the myChow Kit?

Because of their limited availability, we do not have the seasonal or limited-edition flavors available as options you can choose for the configurable myChow Kit. If, and when, we run out of products that have subscptions it creates all kinds of terrible problems, so we only have subscriptions available for products with reliable availability.

All 4 savory flavors, Root Beer Float, Pumpkin Spice Caramel, Eggnog, and Orange Cream are all seasonal. Because we can pick the contents of the myChow Surprise Kit, seasonal and limited edition flavors will be included in the surprise line-up, likely on a regular basis.

Do you have a 30 minute in-depth video that shows all the order options and can walk me through myChow?

Absolutely we do! We also have a shorter 8 minute video that doesn't go into quite as much detail, check that out at this link.