Here at Keto Chow, we tend to use Keto Chow a lot… but unless we’re doing some crazy experiment, we don’t eat it for ALL our meals every day. We have plenty of other keto products we love to use and to eat! Here are some of our favorite products, products that we use all the time, that you’ll find in our cupboards, pockets, backpacks and cars. Keto Chow makes keto easy, these help take it the rest of the way =)

Keto Foods We Love

Redmond Real Salt

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OOO Flavors

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Keto Related Gadgetry

We love Cron-o-Meter around here! More info here about using Cron-o-meter to track your net carbs.

Ice Cream Maker

Miriam bought Chris one of these for his birthday, it’s perfect for turning Keto Chow into soft-serve ice-cream (using heavy cream seems to work best). Unlike most ice-cream makers this one is pretty fance: it has a compressor in it, meaning no ice, no salt, no ring to freeze. You turn it on and run it and it gets cold on its own, so you can do dozens of batches of ice cream in a row.

Immersion Blender

Don’t remember where we first saw this recommended but it’s the most impressive immersion blender I’ve ever seen. Built like a tank, this thing can do 12 batches of 3 meals of Keto Chow without even breaking a sweat and it’s what we use to prepare our Keto Chow for shows and when we mix with butter.

Recipe Book Holder

Miriam’s favorite Recipe Book Holder – You’ll see it in the background in our videos all the time, it’s pretty awesome.