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This was my no.1!!!!

This was another winner for me.

This was better than chocolate.

Omg yummyyy

It amazing I feel good

Love this!


Delicious especially with coffee!

I’ve tried keto chow in the past. I wanted to try more flavors. It’s gone up a lot in price. Especially the 21 day. Not sure if I can afford this every month. But I love the taste. I use the whipping creme for my fat.

Essentials Starter Kit
Paulette Hennessy (United States)
Keto Chow Starter Kit

This kit is a wonderful value and I have been enjoying my Keto shakes. The product has great flavor and is easy to use. I am just hoping for a weight loss success in the near future.

Chocolate Keto Chow
Mark Grenell (United States)
Tastes way too good to be good for a keto diet

This stuff is awesome. It’s so good my mind says it has to be bad for me.
I must say however that I’ve not seen a resulting weight gain from my consumption of it.
So if I don’t see an increase in my blood sugar numbers then I can tell that little voice in the back of my head to go away.
Awesome flavor.

Great flavor!!! And filling.

Elite Starter Kit
Cheryl H (United States)
It’s great!

It took a while of hearing about how good Keto Chow was before I finally decided to try it. It has surpassed my expectations! I really love the taste and it fills me up. It has made my life easier too. It is worth every penny. Thanks Keto Chow!!

Chocolate Keto Chow
Liz (United States)
Love this!

I love that fact that I get to have a chocolate shake for lunch every day!
I have maintained my current weight for over 2 years!
Thank you!

Gingerbread Keto Chow
Karin Gibbons (United States)

love the gingerbread….somehow it manages to out-pumpkin spice the pumpkin spice caramel keto chow! it’s our hands down favorite in that match up.

Pumpkin Spice Caramel Keto Chow
TANISHA (United States)
Best I've had

Can we please make this flavor year round! This one is the best!

This is my favorite flavor. Absolutely delicious!

myChow Kit Subscription
Paulette Senesac
Great for breakfast

Great way to start the day. Tastes great and filling!

28 oz. Keto Chow BlenderBottle®
Linda Bradley (United States)
Nice tight fit

My first bottle I received with my kit has trouble with the cap staying shut but this one is perfect!!!

Chocolate Toffee Keto Chow
Clarissa B. (United States)

Chocolate Toffee is delicious! Tastes just like a Heath bar in ice cream!

Great taste.

It's probably one of my favorite flavors.