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Strawberry Keto Chow
heather davis (United States)

So happy that I found Keto Chow. Amazing and delicious order I'll try salted Carmel and snickerdoodle. Was very surprised how quickly I received my order!

Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops & Tablets
Phillip Smith (United States)

Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops & Tablets


I enjoy the Pistachio Keto chow with salted butter. Love it!

Essentials Kit + $10 Gift Card
Rebecca Squires (United States)
Tastes great!

Very tasty shake when I don’t have time to eat.

Peanut Butter Keto Chow
Jamie Woytasik (United States)
Peanut butter ice cream

I decided to try making some ice cream and used the peanut butter Keto Chow for the flavor. It was some of the best peanut butter ice cream I ever had. My 4 year old loved it as well.

Red Licorice Keto Chow
Jamie Woytasik (United States)
Red licorice gummies

I decided to use the red licorice Keto Chow to make some gummies. The consistency was close to normal gummies but the flavor was amazing.

Essentials Kit + $10 Gift Card
Virginia Pingry (United States)
Flavors were great!

Loved the flavors however I didn't get a $10 Gift card. My coupon was for $5.

Wow Wow Wow

Please make more!!! So far This is the best one for me! Never expected this to taste Just like the Candy! I need this in a Big Bag PLEASE.

Premium Starter Kit
Lori Hicks-Glazner (United States)
1st timer

So far. So good.
I am ready to try some new flavors.
I liked most, but not all, in the starter pack.
It mixes easily and keeps me full without being overly full.

Raspberry Cheesecake Keto Chow
Jama (United States)

I love the raspberry cheesecake Keto chow. I don't know how they get the flavors but they taste just like what is says. A person could almost gain weight on these shakes they are so good, I just want more and more of them!

Chocolate Keto Chow
Jan (United States)

I love this stuff ! It has a really rich chocolate taste.

Caramel Macchiato Keto Chow
Marcy S (United States)

I started with the pouches and fell in love with caramel macchiato. However the large bag seems less sweet, possibly reformulated. I just add a scant teaspoon of sweetener, as well as some vanilla and it’s amazing again. Really delicious.

Chocolate Mint Keto Chow
Kimberly Jensen (United States)

Chocolate Mint Keto Chow

Essentials Kit + $10 Gift Card
Maria Sandoval (United States)
The best keto shake

It’s delicious and easy to prepare, it fills you up and gives you energy

Essentials Kit + $10 Gift Card
Colin Gibson (United States)
I was skeptical…🫣

Because I’ve been burned by other companies with chalky tasting shakes. However, Keto Chow came through with amazing taste! 🥳 There was no chalkiness and I’m able to manage the depth of flavor by the amount of fat I add. I ordered a large 21 serving bag because I was so impressed. But listen y’all …I kind of liked being surprised by the tastes of the individual packets in the initial kit. So I may have to order the surprise box after my 21 serving bag is gone. 🙃

myChow Surprise Kit Subscription
Falynn Deligt (United States)
Great value!!

I love Variety and this box gives me that!! Such a good value too!

Black Licorice Keto Chow
Steven Anderson (United States)
Amazing taste

Love all of your flavors but this is by far my favorite

Vacuum Flask
Renee Wolfe (United States)
Can’t go wrong with the vacuum flask!

I use my vacuum flask for literally all my trunks. It keeps everything COLD! I love it

Caramel Macchiato Keto Chow
Kirstin Pinkerton (United States)

Love the caramel macchiato flavor from you guys!

Essentials Kit + $10 Gift Card
Kathy Rushin (United States)
I love it!

This stuff is Sooo good! But I only got a $5 gift card🙁

Essentials Kit + $10 Gift Card
Cynthia Tumminia (United States)
Great tasting

Easy to prepare and get that extra protein I need

Essentials Kit + $10 Gift Card
Mandi Tweedie (United States)
Perfect kickstart

This was a fabulous starter kit! Good variety of flavors and the shaker bottle is the perfect size. I've now converted to a monthly subscription. Grateful for this product!

myChow Surprise Kit Subscription
Karen Crofton (United States)

myChow Surprise Kit Subscription

Snickerdoodle Keto Chow
Virginia Burford (United States)
Delicious and filling!

This has really helped with my cravings and weight loss.

J from nj