Dried Egg White Protein powder
Dried egg white protein powder nutrition label. For more info visit ketochow.xyz/nutrition
Dried Egg White Protein powder
Dried egg white protein powder nutrition label. For more info visit ketochow.xyz/nutrition

Powdered Egg White Protein - 35 oz.




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Egg whites are a great source of protein, especially if you're on a gluten-free or lactose-free diet. They contain all nine of your essential amino acids. Amino acids can help with tissue repair and regulating your metabolism and immune system. You can add use these pasteurized egg whites to make keto or PSMF-friendly bread, scrambled egg whites, protein shakes and more. Our Powdered Egg White Protein has the equivalent of 240 egg whites in each bag. 2 tsp. Egg White Protein + 2 Tbsp. hot water = 1 egg white! Additionally, this 35 oz. or nearly 1 kg. bag of Egg White Protein is shelf stable, so you can have egg whites on hand easily. Note: For international customers: Please note that due to varying legal requirements and regulations, an order containing Egg White Protein shipped outside of the United States may be refused at customs, seized and destroyed by inspecting authorities, and/or be subject to additional fees upon delivery. Please consider this before placing your order.

What is “Keto”?

If carbohydrates are available, your body will burn that first. If carbs are not available, your body will burn fat & your fat stores! “Keto” (scientifically known as “Nutritional Ketosis” but usually referred to as just “keto” or a “ketogenic diet”) involves restricting your diet to moderate protein, very low carbohydrates and high fat. It’s similar to the the Atkins diet, but with more solid science. When you are consuming enough protein to keep muscles happy, restricting carbohydrates as low as possible and making up the rest of your calories in fat, your body switches into a fat burning mode. Your liver will begin converting fats into energy molecules known technically as “ketone bodies” – which is where the name of the diet comes from. People end up with MORE energy and vitality on a ketogenic diet. Muscle cells are finally gaining energy instead of all the fuel getting stored away in fat cells because of insulin, specifically insulin resistance.

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Judith Barrale (United States)

Works great.

Dawson Dunham (Canada)

Powdered Egg White Protein - 35 oz.

Miriam Mauro (United States)

I make Maria Emmerich’s bread with it and it’s unbelievable. It has been such a wonderful addition to my weekly meals!

Any questions we haven't answered?

Yes! Keto Chow is designed to fill you up with 1/3 of your daily vitamins and nutrients and can be used as a total meal replacement.
We always advise checking with the doc before starting new supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding, or before giving your children a new meal replacement like Keto Chow.
1/3 of your daily essential vitamins and minerals are in each serving! Our ingredients are transparent and listed on our nutrition labels. We don't hide any fillers or nasties in our products. Check the nutritional info on each product page.
When your body doesn't have carbs to burn, it will naturally turn to your stored fats. Those stored fats turn into a type of fuel called “ketones,” which your body will start burning in place of carbs. And since it's so easy to turn fat into energy, your “get up and go!” will shoot through the roof while your waistline shrinks down. Nice!
We recommend adding cream, butter, or avocado oil to your Keto Chow shake. This helps your body absorb all those delicious nutrients-and makes it easy to customize your shake to meet your macro/calorie needs.
Most Keto Chow flavors have a milk protein isolate base, which has a small amount of lactose. However, many people who have problems with lactose are able to handle the relatively small amounts without problems, or use a lactase enzyme supplement.
Keto Chow shakes and Egg White Protein are vegetarian (except for the three flavors that use beef protein), but not vegan. Keto Chow supplements are vegan and vegetarian.
That would depend on how you define a carnivore diet. Many of our customers choose to eat primarily carnivore meals, but do include Keto Chow. If our shakes do not fit into your carnivore lifestyle, we do have Egg White Protein available, which would be classified as carnivore.