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Put your keto meals on auto-pilot, sign up for a recurring subscription for Keto Chow!

Automate the delivery of your favorite keto meals!

Select the flavor(s) you want and how frequently you want them. We will email you each time before a subscription renews, giving you enough time to change the flavors or the delivery schedule. YOU HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL. Want to skip a month? Want to add more of a flavor? Want to change the delivery schedule to once every 26 days or 3 weeks? You can do it all!

Oh, and you also save 10%!

Please note that this page ONLY has subscriptions. To order the single meal packets or to order the seasonal large bags, please check out our collections of Keto Chow Flavors.

Additional seasonal only flavors that are not available as a subscription:

Pumpkin Spice Caramel

(available in the fall)


(available in the fall)

Root Beer Float

(available in the spring)

Orange Cream

(available in the spring)

What is “Keto”?

If carbohydrates are available, your body will burn that first. If carbs are not available, your body will burn fat & your fat stores! “Keto” (scientifically known as “Nutritional Ketosis” but usually referred to as just “keto” or a “ketogenic diet”) involves restricting your diet to moderate protein, very low carbohydrates and high fat. It’s similar to the the Atkins diet, but with more solid science. When you are consuming enough protein to keep muscles happy, restricting carbohydrates as low as possible and making up the rest of your calories in fat, your body switches into a fat burning mode. Your liver will begin converting fats into energy molecules known technically as “ketone bodies” – which is where the name of the diet comes from. People end up with MORE energy and vitality on a ketogenic diet. Muscle cells are finally gaining energy instead of all the fuel getting stored away in fat cells because of insulin, specifically insulin resistance.

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Customer Reviews

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The Closer of 1 Bag.

I have bought several Bags of Keto Chow. The only one that has gave me any trouble is the Peanut Butter Chocolate one, as it will not seal back closed. I have no issues with the other ones.

adam jensen

I almost don’t believe this is healthy because it’s so good.

Patti Behnke
Chocolate keto chow

Chocolate! A shake, pudding, Yes Please 👏🏻

Nancy Collins

Chocolate Keto Chow

Janet Hoheisel

Chocolate Keto Chow


Great meal replacement. As a night shift nurse, I love having my meals ready to go. On a busy night. It keeps me from eating junk food. Keeps me full and full od energy. All I take to work now.

Tammy Prochaska
Love keto chow

Keto chow makes keto so easy. Best thing I have ever found!!

Allison Coulson
Decent Flavor but pricey

The flavor of these is ok, not strong enough for my liking. I also dislike that they contain sucralose. In this day in age we have so many "fake" sugars to use---why stick with sucralose? Will likely not purchase again due to the cost and some of the ingredients. I do like that you can buy special flavors and just in sample packs so I can try it out.

Many of the flavors have 0.08g of pure sucralose (not to be confused with Splenda, which is mostly maltodextrin and raises blood sugar--pure sucralose does not). The *Natural Strawberry* has monk fruit. The *Savory Chicken Soup*, *Creamy Tomato Basil*, *Taco Soup Base*, *Beef Soup Base*, and *Base Powder* contain no sweetener.

Bridget Massie

Love these shakes.Very filling and so delicious! Don't have to even think about "what's for supper".