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Shipping info, policies and other assorted stuff 2016-11-10T15:47:12+00:00

How quickly does stuff ship?

Generally speaking we try to get stuff shipped the morning after you order. So if you order around noon on a Tuesday, we’ll try to make sure it goes out Wednesday morning. We ship everything US Priority Mail which takes 2 days for most of the United States, 3 for distant places, like Alaska and Hawaii. Sometime Wednesday morning (or afternoon) the local mail carrier will swing by and pick up all the packages; add 2 days and most of the packages ordered Tuesday will be arriving Friday (and so forth). We usually print out the current orders around 08:00 Mountain Time, so if you order after that time it will likely be shipped the following morning. On some occasions stuff comes up and we can’t ship out the orders – If this is going to be more than a day, I make it a policy to email explaining the delay. We don’t ship on Sunday (not that it would do us any good since the USPS is closed). Here are the holidays we are closed.

What does the fulfillment Process look like?

When you first place an order you’ll get an email thanking you for your order. Following the schedule above, when we print out your order, we mark them as “fulfillment” and you’ll get an email telling you that your order is fullfilled, expect a tracking number in a few hours. We’ll then put your order together, package it up and slap on a shipping label. Sometime during all this we run a script that enters the tracking info for each order and then marks the order as complete, which sends an email with the tracking number. On occasion I forget to mark the orders as complete, fortunately it doesn’t impact how quickly you get your package; just makes us look silly with you wondering “hey, it’s been a few hours, what’s up?”.

What’s your team like?

The majority of the mixing is done by me (Chris) though I have some friends that are (cooincidentally) also doing keto that help out on occasion. The shipping is done almost exclusively by my lovely wife Miriam; but if there’s a mistake on any orders, I still take full credit for it =)

What happens if you mess up an order? (ship the wrong product etc…)

Whoops! Sorry about that. Contact me (however you want, replying to the “your order is complete” email is probably the best way) and tell me what’s up; we’ll get it sorted out.

How can I cancel a subscription?

Sorry to see you go =( Whatever the reason, it’s your choice to make – you can cancel a subscription at any time by logging in to your account, finding the subscription you want to cancel and cancel it. You can also email and I’ll cancel it.

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