Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops & Tablets

Portable and simple electrolytes, without additives, sugar, or a salty taste.

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Taste Tips

For those sensitive to the flavor use with the beverage of your choice.

Dosing Advice

Allows for flexible dosing to easily meet individual needs.

No additives, artificial flavorings, or other ingredients

NO sugars, additives, artificial flavorings, or other ingredients.

Safe For Hydration Packs

Safe for hydration packs. Will not stain or leave a residue.

How To Use:

For those sensitive to the mineral flavor, add lemon or lime juice. For the best-tasting electrolyte water, use good quality water and mix thoroughly.

For little to no salty taste, pour the contents of one rip-pack into a 16ox/500mL water bottle.

If you are not opposed to the stronger salty taste, you can use many more servings at a time. Many users report they prefer to add more if they feel low on electrolytes.

What is “Keto”?

If carbohydrates are available, your body will burn that first. If carbs are not available, your body will burn fat & your fat stores! “Keto” (scientifically known as “Nutritional Ketosis” but usually referred to as just “keto” or a “ketogenic diet”) involves restricting your diet to moderate protein, very low carbohydrates and high fat. It’s similar to the the Atkins diet, but with more solid science. When you are consuming enough protein to keep muscles happy, restricting carbohydrates as low as possible and making up the rest of your calories in fat, your body switches into a fat burning mode. Your liver will begin converting fats into energy molecules known technically as “ketone bodies” – which is where the name of the diet comes from. People end up with MORE energy and vitality on a ketogenic diet. Muscle cells are finally gaining energy instead of all the fuel getting stored away in fat cells because of insulin, specifically insulin resistance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1456 reviews
Margie Lara (United States)
electrolyte drops

helps to restore electrolytes

Kathleen Farmer (United States)
Feel good

I think without these products, I would not feel as good. I do use another company's product, but keto chow drops and tablets are my go to.

Debra Blum (United States)
Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops work immediately!

I suffer from dehydration frequently so my electrolyte drops provide immediate relief when I need it. Good product!

Michael schaefer (United States)

Keto Chow Electrolyte Drops & Tablets

Kerry Gardner (United States)

Love them easier to use

Tina Brayton (United States)
Big fan!

Keto chow liquid electrolytes are the only electrolytes I use, I add them to my coffee in the morning and in the afternoon I add them to a big mason jar of ice water with a couple of drops of Valencia orange flavored stevia…So refreshing!

Jeanette Cumpiano (United States)


Kelly OBrien (United States)
I recommend this product

I've been taking keto chow electrolytes for over a month now and all my issues with cramps has completely disappeared and i my body feel better overall. Very satisfied!

Dena Bondurant (United States)
Love this for my morning coffee

Husband and I love the ease of use in any beverage we drink
it travels with us on various cruises and camping trips