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Lemon Meringue – some bad news and some good news

Update: lemon is HERE!

OK, bad news first: the 50,000 individual packets of Lemon Meringue is now sold out. It actually sold out during our live stream last night. Since it was conceived as a limited edition that we would evaluate how it was received by the community, we have always anticipated it would sell out sometime in August or September; and it did.

Now for the good news: based on the overwhelming feedback received on the Lemon Meringue, a short time ago we decided to bring it back in the large bulk bags. We are also going to be bringing back the individual samples. Typically this is something that we only announce when we actually have it in-hand and ready, but a lot of people are quite sad the lemon has sold out. 2020 has been bad enough, so we are letting everyone know ahead of time that:


“Ok, so when is it coming? Can I get it NOW???!!!” is the next logical question. Unfortunately, No. It’s going to be some time before we have the large bags available, it will be even longer before we have the individual meal samples again. I could give an estimated date but there are a huge number of variables that we cannot control that may impact the delivery date and that estimated date would effectively be worthless, the best I can say is that we’re hoping to get it before 2021. The packaging has even been ordered, so I have the fun “mock-up” of what the bags will look like.

As soon as we get the lemon bags in our grubby hands and test it to make sure it’s the same as before (I did keep a few of the first batch to validate the new one when it comes) – it’ll be up and available for purchase on the site. We’ll announce the availability all over the place.

Lemon Meringue bulk bag mockup

Keto Chow leaderboard update: most popular flavors of Keto Chow in May 2020

Now that we have a brand new Lemon Meringue flavor, let’s look at The Other Flavors of Keto Chow and which are the most popular. This time around we have data on how many or sold a month, using data from the last 12 months (or since they were introduced, in the case of the Chocolate Peanut Butter samples that came out fewer than 2 months ago). We also have data for the 21 meal bulk bags and the samples, surprisingly, the leaderboard differs somewhat between the sizes.

You’ll notice (as we do) that some of the flavors, especially ones that are more “seasonal” don’t sell as well as others. Going forward, we plan to move some of these into seasonal availability once the current inventory of the large bulk bags runs out. Root Beer Float will be available in summertime. Eggnog and Pumpkin Spice Caramel will be restocked in the fall. The Savory Flavors (which are meant to be made hot) will also be restocked in the fall to be available for the cold months of the year. If you’re like me (Chris) and are a bit of a Root Beer fiend and an Eggnog aficionado, be sure to stock up and take advantage of the long shelf life of Keto Chow so you won’t run out of your favorite flavors.

Bulk BagsSamples (not including bundles)
1Chocolate1Chocolate Peanut Butter
2Chocolate Peanut Butter2Chocolate
3Salted Caramel3Chocolate Toffee
4Vanilla4Cookies & Cream
5Cookies & Cream5Raspberry Cheesecake
7Chocolate Toffee7Salted Caramel
8Raspberry Cheesecake8Snickerdoodle
9Banana9Chocolate Mint
10Chocolate Mint10Orange Cream
12Strawberry12Savory Chicken Soup
13Pumpkin Spice Caramel13Strawberry
14Orange Cream14Pumpkin
15Root Beer Float15Mocha
16Natural Strawberry16Rootbeer
18Savory Chicken Soup18Natural Strawberry
19Creamy Tomato Basil19Creamy Tomato Basil
20Spicy Taco Soup Base20Spicy Taco Soup Base
21Beef Soup Base21Beef Soup Base
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Most popular flavors of Keto Chow – update May 1 – Sept 30, 2019

We have 21 flavors of Keto Chow – that’s a lot of flavors! For people that are new to Keto Chow it’s a bit overwhelming – that’s actually the reason our “Starter Bundle” only has 6 flavors, so that we can get people started without them needing to “drink from the firehose.” I’ve published posts like this in the past but we’ve found that some of the flavors (Pumpkin Spice, Eggnog, the soup flavors) don’t do very well in the warmer months so I figured it was time to do a new “what are our most popular flavors” post. You can see the Aug-Dec2018 and Jan-May2019 posts for historical context if you wish. Of note: the #2 best seller is Chocolate Peanut Butter, this is despite the fact that we do not have samples available of that flavor (and likely will not ever have them because the machine that makes the samples gets clogged by the fat in the peanut flour).

Here is a tabular representation of the graph above:

Peanut Butter12.96%
Cookies & Cream7.02%
Salted Caramel6.97%
Choc Toffee5.34%
Choc Mint4.95%
Raspberry Cheesecake4.36%
Pumpkin Spice3.44%
Root Beer Float2.46%
Orange Cream2.45%
Natural Strawberry2.41%
Egg Nog2.14%
Chicken Soup1.66%
Tomato basil0.86%
Spicy Taco0.56%
Beef Base0.37%

For anyone curious, here is a breakdown of our shipments per state for July 1-Sept 30:

And tabular format of the same data:

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Most Popular Flavors of Keto Chow – Leaderboard Update

I did a post back in January showing the most popular flavors of the large 21 meal bags – seasons change and so do buying patterns. Here are the current standings for most popular flavors based on sales from January 1 to May 7, 2019.

Of note: last time we had not had the samples available for quite some time so there was a possibility the numbers were skewed towards more “known” flavors. The “Seasonal” Flavors (Pumpkin Spice and Eggnog) showed higher sales percentages.

Anyhow, thought you’d all be interested.

Update: Here are the sales for the different flavors over time, the top 8 sellers in the first image, bottom 8 in the second.

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Most Popular Keto Chow Flavors

(an updated graph is here) We frequently get asked: “Hey, what are the most popular flavors?” (it’s usually prepended with “it sucks that your samples are almost all out of stock” – I agree, hoping to have that sorted out and an unpleasant memory of the past by early February). I knew off-hand what the top 2 were: Chocolate and Chocolate Peanut Butter. We go through those like crazy – in case you’re wondering why neither is the “Flavor of the week” very often it’s because we have to work really hard just to keep those two in stock, while the other flavors we have a really good supply of.

Anyhow, I ran a report and got them ranked in order by amount sold of the large “week” packages, including the Base Powder. I ran it from August 1, 2018 up until today so that the period would include when we had all of the flavors in stock so it would be “fair”(ish) – it’s still weighted towards the flavors we had samples available of… except the Chocolate Peanut Butter. We have never had samples of the Chocolate Peanut Butter available for the current newest version of Keto Chow, yet it’s the #2 seller. I guess it’s good (ok, who am I kidding, it’s fantastic!).

I was surprised that the worst selling flavor is the Natural Strawberry. One of the loudest complaints of Keto Chow is “Why use a “chemical” sweetener like sucralose? why not stevia, monk fruit, or erythritol?” – (seriously, it’s like the #1 question we get, that’s why I have a very comprehensive FAQ to cover it). The Natural Strawberry is an attempt to gauge just how much demand there is for a version of Keto Chow that uses a “natural” sweetener. Personally, I think that the science shows nothing wrong with Sucralose but some people are loudly opposed to it. Anyhow, interesting to see the rankings of flavors. Until we get the samples in, this might be of use so you can see what everyone else is getting =)

Keto Chow most popular Flavors

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